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3 Main Questions for Migration from Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, SL, or CRM to Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

With the world changing so fast, you are constantly under pressure to ensure that your business running like clock, precisely and smoothly to keep your business at peak efficiency. Therefore, many organizations are seeking for new technologies…
Why should large businesses get all the AI? [Infographic] 1

Why should large businesses get all the AI? [Infographic]

Artificial Intelligence changes the way how we are doing business today. It enhances our operations and empowers our employees to do more work in less time. Thanks to AI our business can increase its productivity with the same amount of employees. Our…
6 Important Aspects of Calculating Dynamics 365 Cloud ERP TCO 2

6 Important Aspects of Calculating Dynamics 365 Cloud ERP TCO

Total cost of Ownership of Cloud and On-Premises ERP systems Deciding about a new cloud ERP software is overwhelming tasks that can bring a lot of challenges for businesses to decide. As this software can be difficult to understand, especially…
Avoid these 3 reasons why company loso money and fails

Find Out These 3 Reasons Why Company Fails

Every year 8 out of the 10 businesses are closing down, especially in the years like this when there is a lot of uncertainty ahead of you. Difficult times like this requires businesses to adapt and ensure that every decision is made with a…
marketing challenges and how to overcome them with tools like dynamics 365 marketing in malaysia and singapore

Marketing Challenges your Malaysian Business is Facing Now and How to Fix Them with Dynamics 365 Marketing

In this article, we will look at one of the biggest marketing challenges your business in Malaysia is facing and how you can use tools like Dynamics 365 Marketing to deliver optimal marketing results and not be wasting the marketing budget,…
Turn relationships into Revenue - Dynamics 365 for Sales Malaysia & Singapore

Turn relationships into revenue [Infographic]

Selling requires more than just pitching to your potential customers about your products or services the whole day. Your sales team needs to level up its game as did your prospects. Today's prospects are more educated than ever before due…