Warehouse Management System Malaysia

Warehouse Management System (WMS) in Malaysia From Microsoft Tailored to How You Sell

Optimize your warehouse operations with Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Microsoft used by small-medium to large multinational organizations in Malaysia. Move from your basic inventory system and manually operated warehouse run by paper and walkie-talkie into a WMS that automates, streamline and simplify all warehouse processes and centralize your operation in manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies.

warehouse management system malaysia
warehouse management system malaysia increased employee activity

Increased Employee Activity 40%

warehouse management system malaysia overall operating cost reduction

Overall Operating Cost Reduction 45%

warehouse management system malaysia reduce inventory requirement

Reduce Inventory Requirement 30%

warehouse management system malaysia reduction in waste

Reduction in waste to support Sustainability 45%

What Our Customers Say About Microsft Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM Applications

With 300+ local customers, We’re the leading Microsoft Gold Partner with the largest customer base.


“With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we’ve automated financial processes from sales order to collections, from purchase order to payment. Accounting is faster. Reporting is easier, more defined, and more compliant.”

Eduardo Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer, Global Turbine Asia

tan boon ming tbm malaysia logo agile dynamics solutions custome

“Now when I’m talking to my suppliers, I don’t have to run the reports. If they have any questions, I can get the exact numbers or percentages by dragging, dropping or clicking on visuals.”

Tan Wai Keat, General Manager, Tan Boon Ming Sdn Bhd (TBM)

Does Your Day-to-Day Warehouse Operations Look Like This?

Processes that used to take minutes, can take hours. What used to be an easy task, now becomes a complex process with a high rate of errors. As your business is growing so should your processes and system with it.

A spreadsheet can’t handle 1,000s of products…

spreadsheet doesnt work anymore needs warehouse management syste

Using a spreadsheet to track your warehouse and inventory requires a lot of manual labor, time, and effort, not only that but it has a high risk of errors that can affect your business and customers. Saving money on tools costs your business more money.

Challenges you might be facing:

  • Complicated and excess procedures
  • Inaccurate inventory and outfitting
  • Delays in the gathering process
  • Unable to respond fast to demand
  • Issues with human capital
  • A lot of manual labor
  • Recurring costly mistakes
  • Tasks mostly done manually

Outgrowing your inventory system is a thing…

basic inventory system does not work anymore get warehouse management wms malaysia

Growing business means growing needs for a more robust system. While an Inventory Management System used to be enough,  now not anymore. A warehouse is becoming bigger, more stock, more employees and suppliers and all this needs to be track.

Challenges you might be facing:

  • Incorrect time management
  • Not tracking movement of materials and storage
  • Poor workplace health and safety practices
  • Not tracking asset in your warehouse
  • Difficult track inventory across different locations
  • Hard tracking specific items in warehouse
  • Not integrated with ongoing operations and departments
  • Minimum automation across warehouse

WMS Can Saves You RM100,000s

Processes that used to take minutes, can take hours. What used to be an easy task, now becomes a complex process with a high rate of errors. As your business is growing so should your processes and system with it.

proper warehouse management system can save a lot of money to malaysian businesses

Using Any of These Apps? Then It’s Time to Level Up!

these customers start using warehouse management system from dynamics 365

Automate Your Warehouse Operations

Automate processes with intelligent tools enriched with AI, IoT, and Mixed Reality. Provide faster fulfillment, maximize productivity. Optimize operations, material handling, workforce planning, and inventory flow with integrated warehouse management. Track performance with configurable dashboards and improve productivity with a mobile app.

connect your operations with other departments using warehouse management system malaysia

Connect Your Warehouse Operations with Other Departments

Streamline your financial, sales, customer service, and operation processes, automate data captures and manual tasks, connect processes and workflows. Easily see new and outstanding orders from sales, connect your e-commerce store to process orders quickly and standardize the returns process.

Reduce Inventory and Warehouse Costs

Get complete visibility and control of all your stock, stock movements, sales, and purchasing across multiple locations. Deliver cross-channel inventory visibility in real-time to streamline production and fulfillment, improve accuracy, and optimize inventory, reducing overstocking and stockouts. Predict both upstream impact and downstream impact due to disruptions and discover new trends.

reduce inventory and warehouse costs wms malaysia
deliver exceptional customer experiences using warehouse management solution malaysia

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Use real-time data on every item’s zone, bin, and quantity to better fulfill your customers’ orders. Reduce returns and turnaround times with quality control and deliver the best quality products to your customers to ensure customer satisfaction. Deliver your products to your customers faster and live up to your service promises.

Optimize Organization Within Your Warehouse

Optimize your space and the picking process. Speed up shipments and reduce friction by enabling cross-docking. Use a template to determine the best placement of items based on type, size, and bin capacity. Set up bins and zones in to reflect the layout of your warehouse, including its racks and shelves. Use real-time data on every item’s zone, bin, and quantity to better fulfill your customers’ orders.

optimize organization within warehouse with WMS malaysia

Reduce Complexity of Your Warehouse and Gain Visibility and Control. Help Your Employees to Do More with Less.

The Warehouse Management system from Microsoft helps you to maximize operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability using predictive insights from AI and the Internet of Things (IoT). Empowers employees and organizations with the ability to obtain a unified view of inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, service, and logistics with predictive analytics that turn data into insights to support better strategic decisions.

optimize stock level with ai warehouse management system malaysia

Optimize Stock Level with AI

Predict demand with AI to have the right inventory levels at the point of work and your warehouses and DCs.

easily collaborate with vendors wms malaysia

Easily Collaborate with Vendors

Get deep insights about your vendors, manage relationships and improve lead time.

maximize control and visibility warehouse management system malaysia

Maximize Control and Visibility

Get cross-channel inventory visibility in real-time to streamline warehouse processes and increase accuracy.

support new sales channels with wms

Support New Sales Channels

Let your customers easily customize orders, unify your offline and online operations and quickly introduce new sales channels.

streamline processes across departments with warehouse management software malaysia

Streamline Processes Across Departments

With intelligent tools and applications that improve processes

optimize receipt processing and storage with wms malaysia

Optimize Receive Processing and Storage

Optimize your receiving, putaway, storage, picking, packing, and shipping processes to streamline warehouse operation.

improve inbound and outbound processing with warehouse management system in malaysia

Improve Inbound and Outbound Processing

With connected factories, optimizing supply and production planning in near real-time.

scale your distribution during peaks with warehouse management system in malaysia

Scale Your Distribution During Peaks

Deliver the right products on-time in the right quantity, right place, at the right time

Migrate to Warehouse Management System from Microsoft with Confidence

Our Local Malaysian Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts assist you with migrating from your current inventory solution to the latest modern WMS from Microsoft by utilizing data migration tools, 30+ years of experience, and unique implementation methodology with a 100% success rate. ADS is the leading Microsoft partner in Malaysia helping small, medium and large size business to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM Apps.. Talk to us!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Warehouse Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of business applications with a wide range of capabilities to fit businesses needs. Below you can find two Dynamics 365 applications that come with warehouse management capabilities and a lot more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management offers a robust Warehouse Management System for medium and large organizations to enhance, automate and streamline your warehouse and supply chain management operation in one application.

Some of the Warehouse Capabilities:

  • Enhance inventory visibility
  • Improve cost management
  • Simplify procurement processes
  • Accurately estimate landed costs
  • Automate warehouse operations
  • Keep your warehouse running continuously
All-In-One ERP System Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Malaysia warehouse management system

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one ERP business management solution that connects your business, designed specifically for small to midsize businesses that outgrow their basic accounting and inventory system searching for an advanced solution.

Some of the Warehouse Capabilities:

  • Improve organization within storage facilities
  • Streamline receiving and capacity
  • Expedite docking and shipping
  • Connect customers and operations
Agile Dynamics Solutions is the leading Microsoft Partner in Malaysia and Singapore

We’re #1 Leading Local Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Agile Dynamics Solutions (ADS) is the leading Gold Microsoft Partner in Malaysia with over 30 years of experience, 1000s of projects successfully completed and the largest customer base locally. ADS has developed a unique methodology with a 100% success rate for Dynamics 365 applications.

Since 1990 we’ve helped Small, Medium, and Large businesses in numerous industry sectors increase their growth and save costs with intelligent ERP & CRM applications from Microsoft. We implement all Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications as well as integrate with Microsoft Power Bi, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Virtual agent.

If you are planning to implement a new ERP or CRM solution, we offer a flexible approach, affordable services, and excellent customer service with the leading experts from the #1 local Microsoft partner. Contact us to learn more.

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