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Automate Business Processes with Power Virtual Agents

Empower your people to drive more business value through easy to create natural, conversational AI.

Enhance Your Customer Experience, Reduces Wait Times, and Answer Questions Quickly and Accurately

Power Virtual Agents addresses these concerns and is designed for your customers, subject matter experts, and IT Admins/Devs.

Subject matter experts can focus greater time of going deeper into their subjects and spend less time addressing basic customer experiences.  This ensures that when customers do speak with a subject matter expert, the conversation is of greater value and goes deeper into a subject.

IT Admins benefit from the ability to govern and secure the chatbots that are created by Power Virtual Agents.  With its ease of use, Power Virtual Agents enables many to quickly create chatbots.  It is important that these chatbots are visible and can be administered centrally when needed and Power Virtual Agents offers this visibility and control.

Democratize AI with power virtual agents malaysia

Democratize AI

Empower your business users to easily create powerful bots using a guided, no-code graphical interface. No need for developers or data scientists.

Available Everywhere with power virtual agents malaysia

Available Everywhere

Add your bot anywhere you engage with customers: website, mobile app, Facebook, Teams or more.

Continuously Improve with power virtual agents malaysia

Continuously Improve

As the bot gets used, powerful metrics and insights help tell you what topics to build next.

Faster, Better Bot Building with power virtual agents malaysia

Faster, Better Bot Building

Make building and keeping a bot up-to-date bot faster. No need for IT or dev teams to maintain the bot lifecycle.

Engage Naturally with power virtual agents malaysia

Engage Naturally

Engage with customers and employees conversationally. Resolve routine issues easily, freeing up staff to focus on complex matters.

Take Action with power virtual agents malaysia

Take Action

Connect to your backend with a few clicks using the 100s of Power Platform connectors – or call APIs and custom workflows using Flow.

power virtual agents is saas

SaaS – No Infrastructure Complexity & Cost

No need to deal with hosting or complex, costly infrastructure. Build, deploy, host and manage your bot – all using our intuitive web interface.

Get Started Easily with power virtual agents malaysia

Get Started Easily

Point the AI to your website, and automatically build topics to get started with a few clicks using Microsoft Q&A Maker technology.

Access to the full power of Bot Framework of power virtual agents malaysia

Access to the full power of Bot Framework

Built in access to the full power of Microsoft Bot Framework’s Skills, Adaptive Dialogs, and Cognitive Services.

Easily Create an Intelligent Virtual Agent

Simple, graphical bot creation

Easily test and maintain bots through a simple, easy to use graphical interface

Extract information from user responses

Recognize, extract, and act on dozens of common entities in a user’s responses. For example, colors, currencies, ages, dates and times. Or create your own custom entities, e.g. model numbers

Remember user responses

Store user information for use later in variables and use them to branch or create complex conversations

Easily create an Intelligent Virtual Agent in Microsoft Power Virtual Agent Malaysia
Let Microsoft AI Offer you Suggested FAQ Chatbot Topics Microsoft Power Virtual Agents malaysia

Let Microsoft AI Offer You Suggested FAQ Chatbot Topics

Power Virtual Agents also offers suggested topics for your agent by leveraging Microsoft’s industry leading AI. Let Microsoft AI determine powerful potential topics which are crafted from our organization’s own web content.  Elevate your customer’s awareness to topics and subjects that matter most.

  • Each FAQ becomes a chatbot trigger
  • The answer to your FAQ becomes message text in dialogue tree
  • Create a single turn conversation tree in minutes

Publish to Multiple Channels

Configure and deploy to multiple channels

Easily embed your bot wherever your organization engages with customers: websites, mobile apps, Facebook, Teams or any of the dozens of channels supported by Bot Framework

Deploy to demo sites with a single click

Test and gain feedback by deploying your bot to a demo website and sharing it internally with colleagues, before embedding it to your own website when ready

Publish to multiple channels microsoft power virtual agents malaysia
Enhance Your Virtual Agent From Analytics microsoft power virtual agents malaysia with dynamics 365

Enhance Your Virtual Agent From Analytics

Easily see what’s working and what to improve

Analyze bot/customer conversations to better understand how specific topics are performing, what’s impacting your CSAT, and identify where there is room for improvement

Quickly figure out what to build next

Easily see which conversations are going to human agents and determine which topics to teach your bot next

Remember user responses

Store user information for use later in variables and use them to branch or create complex conversations

Let Us Help You to Implement Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Integrate your Microsoft Power Virtual Agents with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and third-party tools. We help you simplify data management and app development by unifying data into a known form and applying structural and semantic consistency across multiple apps and deployments. In other words, if your data is in the model, you can use it in many apps, streamline the creation or use of other apps to use that data and easily build reports. In addition, we help with data integrators who bring data from a variety of systems can focus on landing the data in the Common Data Model, instead of building a different model for each app.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Pricing in Malaysia

Discover up-to-date pricing, licensing, and implementation investment requirements for Malaysia and SEA-based companies to use Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. Let us handle your implementation and contact us for pricing of implementation services

Power Virtual Agents

USD $1,000

Per month for 2,000 sessions

Run intelligent chatbots across websites and other channels.

  • Only pay for two-way engagement between users and your chatbots, with sessions serving each end-to-end interaction.

Sessions add-on

USD $450

Per month for 1,000 sessions

Add additional sessions to your Power Virtual Agents plan.

  • Requires a Power Virtual Agents license.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Services in Malaysia

Agile Dynamics Solutions is the leading Microsoft Partner in Malaysia with a team of experts. They have implemented 1,000s of projects across the region for small to large size businesses across numerous industries. ADS offers services for all Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 products including Power Virtual Agents such as free demo, pricing & licensing, implementation, support, maintenance, and migration to upgrade your system. Their dedicated Power Platform team assists you in gaining the best efficiency throughout your project and ensures you go live with confidence!

Licensing Services Dynamics 365 Business Central Malaysia


Consulting Services Dynamics 365 Business Central Malaysia


Implementation Services Dynamics 365 Business Central Malaysia


Upgrade and Migration Services Dynamics 365 Business Central Malaysia

Upgrade & Migration

Licensing Services Dynamics 365 Business Central Malaysia


Integration Services Dynamics 365 Business Central Malaysia


Support and Maintenance Services Dynamics 365 Business Central Malaysia

Support & Maintenance

Reporting Services Dynamics 365 Business Central Malaysia


Agile Dynamics 365 is the leading Dynamics 365 vendor in SEA

Why Choose ADS As Your Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Partner?

Agile Dynamics Solutions is the leading Microsoft Gold partner in Malaysia with expertise working with businesses across all sizes and industries. ADS team of experts comes from different industries to ensure they understand customer needs and industry requirements to ensure customer satisfaction and render exceptional results so customers can go live with confidence.

  • Leading Microsoft Gold Partner in Malaysia.
  • The largest customer base of 300+ small to large size businesses across many industries.
  • Certified Microsoft Partner Professionals with 30+ years of experience.
  • Unique methodology with 100% success rate.
  • Excellent customer support in Malaysia.
  • Winner of many Microsoft and industry awards and can’t stop winning.

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