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ERP system for Small and Medium Business in Malaysia


Drive your businesses forward with the right enterprise resource solution to fit your business needs, industry, and size of your company. Dynamics 365 ERP Applications for small and medium businesses help you drive operation efficiencies, reduce costs, and streamline and automated tasks. Dynamics 365 Business Central is deeply integrated with Office 365 and includes built-in intelligence, so it’s easy to use and helps you make better business decisions.

There’s never been a better time for businesses to update their Legacy systems

Your customers’ needs and expectations have evolved, but your accounting and business management systems aren’t able to keep pace with increasing demands.

You need a modern technology platform that connects your business and your people like never before. A comprehensive business management solution for businesses that can:

  • Automatically pull your systems and processes together so your people don’t have to.
  • Give you a complete picture from across your business, with reports when and where you need them.
  • Get you up and running quickly, so change doesn’t get in the way of your day-to-day.

With adaptable applications in the cloud. You can create efficiency across your business processes, help your people make informed decisions, and be ready for growth.

More than 90 percent of consumers said they would consider taking their business elsewhere rather than work with a company that uses outdated technology.

What are the signs that your SME should invest in ERP Technology?

As your business grows in size and complexity, and your customers expect better and faster service, the tools that once supported you may now be standing in your way. For growing businesses, deciding to overhaul your accounting software or business management systems may seem like a daunting task.

But what is the real cost of trying to maintain a system that is no longer keeping up with demands? Whether the result is lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, or compliance risks, failing to update your technology can be a costly decision.

If you recognize any of these warning signs, the time has come to make a change:

  • We waste too much time dealing with multiple systems that can’t talk to each other.
  • Manual processes are error-prone and can’t keep up with increasing demand despite added headcount.
  • Creating and configuring reports it too complicated, and often doesn’t give us the information we need.
  • Incomplete or incorrect information creates customer dissatisfaction and lost sales.
  • Increasingly stringent compliance and security concerns keep you up at night.
  • Productivity is lost spending valuable time switching back and forth between multiple applications and disconnected systems.

Why Growing Businesses Adopt New ERP Solutions


Process integration


Resolve order processing issues


Replace outdated hardware and software


Resolve data duplication/errors


Reduce excess inventory

What Are the Benefits of ERP Software for Small and Medium Business?

tickCentralize Operation

Automatically pull systems and processes together to manage financials, sales, service, and operations and easily integrate 3rd party applications like banking, CRM, or Industry-specific systems

tickAdd Mobile Experience

Desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone you get the same powerful capabilities and rich functionality. Get one experience that’s consistent and secure across Windows, iOS, and Android.

tickReducing Costs

Provides accuracy and automation that together reduce operational and organizational costs, improve the management of operations, and empower users to do more with less.

tickAutomated & Secure

Streamline business processes with easy-to-create workflows. Track cash flow and secure purchasing, credit authorization, and vendor payment processes. Ensure compliance with audit trails and enterprise-level security.

tickSales & Customer Service

Focus on the right opportunities and track ongoing sales performance using custom dashboards and multidimensional reports. Gain a comprehensive overview of service tasks, workloads, and employee skills to effectively assign resources, accelerate case resolution and better serv. customers.

tickEasily Customizable

Customize applications to support your unique business needs. Rearrange fields, rename groups, and reposition elements using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Extend ERP System for SME to fit industry or business needs with integrated add-on apps.

How to Select the Right ERP System for SMB in Malaysia?

There’s never been a better time for businesses to update their systems. The cloud has opened up new avenues for companies of all sizes to affordably expand capabilities, create greater efficiency and mobility, and be prepared for ever-changing business conditions.

With so many technology vendors competing for your business, it can be tricky to differentiate between solutions and find the best fit for your business.

Characteristics of a modern technology platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central include:

Comprehensive integration. Deploy one solution to manage your financials, sales, service, and operations with the ability to connect applications like payroll, banking apps, CRM systems, or custom APIs.

Connects your entire business. Automatically pulls your systems and processes together so your people don’t have to.

Automates and secures business processes. Improve productivity and get more done with easy-to-create workflows, audit trails, and enterprise-level security—features that basic accounting software can’t provide.

Provide an end-to-end view of your business. Centralize your data from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions to get an accurate end-to-end view of your business. All data stays up to date so you can spot trends, prevent issues, and deliver great customer experiences.

Trusted technology provider. Creates security as a trusted, leading technology provider for businesses of all sizes around the world.

Enables mobility. Empowers a mobile workforce by delivering the same experience across devices, regardless of their location.

Fast from the start. Delivers an easy-to-learn solution that people just intuitively know how to use.

Main ERP Capabilities to Support Core Business Processes of SME’s

Financial management Core ERP capabilites for Small-medium businesses in Malaysia and Singapre

Financial management

  • Account receivables/payables
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Fixed asset management
  • Month/Year-end closing

sales and service management Core ERP capabilites for Small-medium businesses in Malaysia and Singapre

Sales & service management

  • Quote generation
  • Contact management
  • Sales invoicing
  • Payment processing

Project management Core ERP capabilites for Small-medium businesses in Malaysia and Singapre

Project management

  • Capacity planning
  • Budgets and estimates
  • Job and process costing
  • Resource management

Supply chain management Core ERP capabilites for Small-medium businesses in Malaysia and Singapre

Supply chain management

  • Inventory and Purchasing control
  • Shipment and distribution
  • Returns and cancellations
  • Procurement and vendor management

Operations management Core ERP capabilites for Small-medium businesses in Malaysia and Singapre

Operations management

  • Forecasting
  • Production planning
  • Manufacturing capacity
  • Warehouse management

reporting and analytics Core ERP capabilites for Small-medium businesses in Malaysia and Singapre

Reporting & analytics

  • Customer  insights
  • Self-serve reports
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Built-in intelligence

What ERP Deployment Is the Best for SME?

There are so many aspects that play a vital role in deciding what ERP deployment is the best for SME organizations in Malaysia such as your industry and industry regulation, your current IT resources and plans, and how you need to customize your ERP system. All these aspects and more must be carefully assessed by the ERP vendor so the best deployment can be chosen.

As each business has different requirements and needs and therefore without knowing your requirements it is hard to say what ERP deployment fits the best to your businesses. But check out the three common ERP deployments commonly used by ERP vendors and see the benefits of each ERP deployment.

Cloud ERP deployment by Cloud ERP Vendor in Malaysia and Singapore


Cloud ERP is hosted on provider servers which are maintained by the provider IT personal.



Strong security from provider


Low Operating Costs


Easy Customization & Scalability


Continuous Upgrades

Hybrid ERP deployment by Hybrid ERP Vendor in Malaysia and Singapore


Hybrid ERP uses a combination of on-premises and cloud solutions to support your company’s needs.



Meet the needs of specific industries or regions


Regulatory Compliance


Address both unique existing business processes


Get the best of both worlds

on-premises ERP deployment by on-premises ERP Vendor in Malaysia and Singapore


Hybrid ERP uses a combination of on-premises and cloud solutions to support your company’s needs.



Less vendor dependency


Higher Data control and Responsibility


Address both unique existing business processes


Greater ability to customize

How to Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership of ERP system for SME?

1) Software

This is the cost of your software application including the cost of all supporting products and services, such as ISV solutions, add-on applications, customizations and other integrations to ensure your ERP system is fully inter-operable with existing systems

2) Implementation, customizations & training

These costs apply in both the cloud and on-premises scenarios and will vary depending on the level of complexity and use-case. You will likely need help from your ERP vendor to successfully implement your ERP, so you should account for the cost of their professional services.

3) Hardware

In an on-premises scenario, you will incur a high upfront cost to purchase your infrastructure, such as servers, networking hardware, operating systems, databases, and data storage, and then periodic additional operating costs.

4) IT personnel

One of the biggest single line cost items is often your IT personnel budget. Maintaining IT personnel is expensive, and in an on-premises scenario, you’ll need to factor in their labor costs plus maintenance of your real estate, servers, databases and other technology.

5) Maintenance

Now that you know your hardware and IT staff costs, you’ll need to include the maintenance costs of your on-premises ERP, which include the loading of fixes, patches, updates, and upgrades. Additionally, factor in the cost of IT personnel labor to test updates.

6) Upgrades

In the cloud, upgrades run automatically in the background and require minimum oversight from your IT personnel, so there is no additional software or upgrade costs. However, in an on-premises scenario, you’ll need to account for additional IT personnel labor costs to test and deploy your upgrades.

dynamics 365 ERP and CRM systems the lower total cost of ownership of cloud ERP

Why choose ERP System for Small & Medium Business from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Run Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that easily and seamlessly connects people and processes. Dynamics 365 Business Central is deeply integrated with Office 365 and includes built-in intelligence

Dynamics 365 Business Central puts flexibility at the core of your business, enabling you to grow at your own pace and adapt in real-time. That means you can start small with the right fit for employees’ roles, your industry, and business needs and extend Dynamics 365 as your business evolves and grows.

Microsoft. Microsoft has been a leader in the ERP software market for many years through its Dynamics product offerings. These ERP solutions provided a fully integrated tool for financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities.

In 2021, Nucleus Research recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a Leader in their ERP Technology Value Matrix, in which they assessed more than twenty Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions on functionality and usability.

To enable businesses everywhere to accelerate their digital transformation, Microsoft is continuously enhancing Dynamics 365 with new capabilities. As they add product enhancements and performance improvements at a rapid pace, today Microsoft is announcing a set of changes in optimizing the way we deliver Dynamics 365 updates that will help you stay current in a consistent, predictable, and seamless manner.

Dynamics 365 new update cadence aims to lower upgrade costs, provide all users access to the latest capabilities, performance improvements, and offer a better support experience.

Microsoft will deliver two major releases per year – April and October – offering new capabilities and functionality. These updates will be backward compatible so your apps and customizations will continue to work post update. New features with major, disruptive changes to the user experience are off by default. This means administrators will be able to first test before enabling these features for their organization.

To learn more about continuous updates visit Modernizing the way we update Dynamics 365

1B+ USD investment in security R&D and 3,500 cybersecurity experts.

Security is foundational for Azure. Take advantage of multi-layered security provided across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations with cyber security experts actively monitoring to protect your business assets and data.

Reduce costs and complexity with a highly secure cloud foundation managed by Microsoft. Use multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence from Azure to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

Microsoft is a leading global provider of cloud computing services for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about the Microsoft cloud platform, our Kubernetes on Azure offering, our serverless application platform, and how Microsoft Azure compares to other cloud providers, see What is Azure? and Azure vs. AWS.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 centralize all your data into one system and connects people and processes together allow people to be more efficient and productive, provide a better customer experience and increase sales. Dynamics 365 gives businesses the much-needed agility to adapt quickly, work from anywhere, and empower employees to optimal outcomes.

Also, Microsoft ERP system includes Power Platforms some of the modern technologies to help organizations to be more productive, efficient, and save costs.

Power BI helps build quickly and easily analytics dashboards and quick reports to get powerful insights in real-time to make faster and smarter decisions and save time on reporting.

Power Automated is previously known as Microsoft Flow helps streamline and automate repetitive tasks and paperless processes. with Microsoft Power Automate you can easily build workflows and automation to save your time and focus where it is needed.

PowerApps: helps build and share low-code apps quickly without knowing how to code or being a techie person. With PowerApps you can start building and launching apps right away using prebuilt templates, drag-and-drop simplicity, and quick deployment—then roll out continuous improvements as needed.

If you want to learn more about how Dynamics 365 helps simplify your operation, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs, contact us and a member of our team will provide more information.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 include Microsoft 365 offerings that are seamlessly integrated together to reduce the wasted time and friction that happens when you’re forced to toggle between multiple applications. Instead, users can take immediate action directly from a single screen, sharing information and insights that lead to better customer experiences

Users can access live Dynamics 365 Business Central data directly from Microsoft Excel to read, write, and update items, sales orders, and purchase orders. Integration with Excel offers powerful capabilities such as bulk imports / exports / updates, and Excel based data analysis using Charts and Pivot Tables.

Integration with Microsoft Word allows users to customize and brand all outgoing documents such as quotes and invoices. Users can create/edit/modify the report layout in a Microsoft Word document using a WYSIWYG editing experience.

Microsoft Teams integration helps your employee to increase collaboration by sharing business records into chat and view, edit & take action without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central the all-in-one business management applications puts the power of AI at your fingertips
with built-in intelligence when and where you need it.

  • Financial planning: Predict how changes to payment terms will impact cash collection cycles
  • Inventory: Predict when you need to replenish
  • Forecasting: Leverage sales forecasts to generate production plans and create POs
  • Customer service: Avoid shortages and lost sales by offering substitute items when inventory isn’t available

Embedded and extensible AI capabilities in Dynamics 365 Business Central can help growing businesses outsmart larger competitors.

  • Decision makers can begin unlocking valuable insights in minutes…
  • Business analysts can create self-service customization in hours…
  • AI experts can unleash rich AI tools that provide “no cliffs“ extensibility

Stay ahead of the curve and proactively embracing powerful tools like AI allow you to unlock efficiencies and analytics to push your business to new heights. To learn more contact us how Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers SMBs in Malaysia and Singapore.


of Fortune 500 companies use Dynamics 365


YoY growth for SMB customers using Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM Solutions for SME

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a wide range of ERP & CRM applications to meet your business needs for any type of industry. From Manufacturing, Distribution, Public Services, Government, Healthcare, Financial and other industries. Fill up the form at the bottom of the page to learn more.

Dynamics 365

Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central built and optimized for small and medium businesses that have outgrown their entry-level business systems or are replacing outdated legacy systems and need an end-to-end solution for financials, sales, service, and operations.



Bring Flexibility to Your Business


Help Work Smarter and Faster


Empower and Streamline Financial Management


Accelerate Sales Processes


Deliver Exceptional Customer Service


Facilitate Project Success


Drive Supply Chain Optimization


Optimize Warehouse Management


Provide Optimal Manufacturing Outputs

Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 Sales automates sales tasks and streamlines the collection, analysis, and distribution of sales data. It also enables smarter selling by allowing users to take advantage of data-driven technologies to understand customer needs.



Prioritize your high-potential prospects


Get a complete view of customer interactions.


Personalize interactions with your customers.


Personalize interactions with your customers.


Save time on training with contextual guidance surfaced in real-time


Automate your sales process, eliminating time-consuming, repetitive tasks


Gain real-time visibility into your pipeline with interactive dashboards and reports


Make better decisions using the most current data


Work on the go, even without connectivity

Dynamics 365

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers companies to deliver end-to-end, self-assisted, and onsite service across channels and provide a unified omnichannel platform for a superior, post-sale customer engagement to create more personalized and better experiences.



Earn customers for life by continuously improving the service experience


Easily updated knowledge base articles


Speed onboarding and help avoid escalations


Get the right answers every time with knowledge-driven case management


Ensure fast and accurate resolution with dynamic guidance


Get a 360-degree view of each customer journey


Gain previously inaccessible insights to optimize performance and reduce costs


Customize applications to support your unique business needs.


Quickly adopt additional functionality as your needs grow


Nucleus Research recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a Leader in their ERP Technology Value Matrix, in which they assessed more than twenty Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions on functionality and usability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been selected as a leading ERP software on the market.
Forrester ERP technology research in Malaysia and Singapore

See the Total Economic Impact™ of Business Central

Learn how businesses reduced costs and increased overall efficiency using Business Central in this Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Microsoft.



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