Order Management System in Malaysia

Scale Easily While Supporting the Latest Fulfillment Methods with Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management in Malaysia & Cambodia

Deliver on your order promise and turn order fulfillment into a competitive advantage.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management enables organizations to intelligently orchestrate fulfillment and automate it with a rules-based system using real-time omnichannel inventory data, AI, and machine learning. Organizations can adapt quickly to meet future order volumes and fulfillment complexities by extending their capabilities with pre-built connectors to the best-of-breed of specialized technology partners for order intake, delivery, and third-party logistics services.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management Malaysia and Cambodia
Predict disruptions and improve resiliency with Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management in Malaysia and in Cambodia

Predict disruptions and improve resiliency

Unlock revenue potential while reducing costs Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management in Malaysia and in Cambodia

Unlock revenue potential while reducing costs

Execute rapidly with improved decision making Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Execute rapidly with improved decision making

Produce and operate sustainably with Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management in Malaysia and in Cambodia

Produce and operate sustainably

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Rise Above the Competition: Unleash the Power of a Connected Supply Chain

Unleash the full potential of your supply chain and rise above the competition with our connected solutions. Unify your systems and data, collaborate with external partners, and leverage advanced analytics and AI/ML to make informed decisions and adapt to market changes in real-time.

Disconnection Across the Enterprise

The old way

Businesses plagued by disconnected systems and siloed data are often in a constant reactive mode. They face disruptions and gaps in end-to-end visibility caused by disconnected external partners. It’s time to overcome these challenges and take control of your supply chain.

  • Disconnected systems
  • Siloed information
  • No integration of systems
  • Manual data processing
  • Unable to make proactive decisions
  • Not full picture of a business
  • Complex IT landscape

Composable Approach to Transformation

The new way

Transform your supply chain to achieve greater solutions and efficiencies across your value chain, maximize margins and adapt more rapidly to market changes. A modular approach enables you to better predict, prioritize, and resolve specific challenges, as well as to address growth strategies.

  • Indgest data in real-time
  • Integrate all your systems
  • Intelligent and actionable analytics and insights
  • Connected and composable ecosystem without rip and replace scenario
  • Modern and intuitive team collaboration tools embedded in supply chain solutions

Turn Order Fulfillment Into a Competitive Advantage with Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management Solution

The Intelligent Order Management solution involves key application areas like order capture, rule-based validation engine, intelligent order orchestration, and integration with distributed order management (DOM)-enabling fulfillment. Here is the list of key features

  • Order flows to support the key revenue drivers of sell-side, such as order fulfillment and return order flows.
  • Architecture for intake of orders from any e-commerce or electronic order system to orchestrate a touchless order system through data flows to intake and transform a document to a Microsoft Dataverse order.
  • Status tracking and event-based system to allow the customer operations team to understand the status of an order in real time.
  • Orchestration engine built on Power Automate to provide low-code/no-code design of order flows.
  • Intelligence through orchestration flexibility and the incorporation of AI models for fulfillment decisions.
  • Connector and extension capabilities to allow connection to any system required by the customer.
  • Rich partner ecosystem of connectors for accounting or business application, inventory, DOM, fulfilment, delivery providers, tax, denied-party screening, address validation, pricing, freight rating, payment integration, and more.
  • Integration of the inventory service to provide real-time visibility to inventory for order orchestration.
  • Integration with the Commerce DOM service. DOM will be the single point of fulfilment determination that will be incorporated into the order orchestration flows.
  • Integration with the Commerce headless commerce component (order capture) to intake orders into Dataverse. Enable connection to headless commerce to trigger fulfillment through Intelligent Order Management order orchestration.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management pricing comes at $300 per 1,000 orders lines/month, which gives you access to centrally manage the order from capture to fulfillment using real-time inventory, AI, and access to all features.

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Agile Dynamics Solutions is the leading Microsoft Partner providing wide-range of services for Dynamics 365 such as:

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Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management is Modern, Open Platform

Modern, Open Platform

Capitalize on new opportunities faster with an adaptable system that can accept orders from anywhere.

  • Pre-built connectors to common platforms.
  • Integrates with existing enterprise systems.
  • Scale without limits on the cloud.
Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management AI-infusedy


Leverage intelligent order optimization to optimize order orchestration and ensure the fastest delivery at the lowest cost.

  • Event-driven orchestration.
  • AI and rules-based fulfillment.
  • Streamline returns management.
Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management with Composable Approach

Composable Approach

Keep pace with the continuing evolution of e-commerce while getting advantage of a network of providers for intelligent order operations to ensure on-time delivery at the lowest cost.

  • Easily integrate your existing ERP systems.
  • Adapt faster to changing business models.
  • Quickly scale for peak order volumes.
Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management gives Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

Provide customers with real-time inventory and order status.

  • Actionable fulfillment insights.
  • Omnichannel inventory data.
  • Single order view across the organization.
Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management has Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance

Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance

Gain the scalability, security, and compliance – of Microsoft Azure.

  • Empowerment begins with trust.
  • Strong customer data protection.
  • Transparent practices.

Automate and Optimize Fulfillment

With customers and buyers moving to digital platforms for more and more of their purchases, it is vital for businesses to deliver on their order promises. Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management enables businesses to automate and optimize fulfillment using rule-based order orchestrations, with real-time inventory and AI, to optimize order flows with effective exception handling.

  • Streamline Fulfillment with Rules-Based Orchestration

    Prioritize orders, route orders to specific fulfillment centers based on location and availability, and more.

  • Make Informed Decisions with Real-Time Data

    Get access to real-time data on orders and inventory, allowing you to optimize fulfillment and meet customer needs.

  • Automate Responses to Fulfillment Constraints

    Model and automate responses to fulfillment constraints, helping you keep operations running smoothly and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce Fulfillment-Related Costs

    Automate and optimize your fulfillment processes to reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency, all of which can lead to increased profits.

Manage the Entire Order Lifecycle

Whether ordering from a mobile app, utilizing contactless payments in-store, or ordering through social media or an online marketplace, consumers and businesses today demand a seamless omnichannel buying experience. They expect multiple-fast delivery options, like buy online and pickup in-store, and same-day delivery to home or a pickup locker. In order to effectively meet these challenges in the modern retail environment, companies must centrally manage and control the entire lifecycle of every order, from acceptance through delivery, and respond in real-time with intelligent fulfillment orchestration.

  • Automate the Entire Lifecycle

    Automate every step of the process with an intelligent solution that adapts to your business needs.

  • Proactively Address Constraints

    Stay ahead of potential issues by proactively addressing constraints using actionable insights.

  • Optimize Stock Levels

    Optimize stock levels for maximum efficiency and keep your operations running smoothly.

  • Streamline Returns with Ease

    Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management simplifies the process of reducing costs associated with returns and streamlining the returns process.

Adapt Faster to Changing Business Models

The pace of change in business continues to accelerate and companies need to look for any opportunity to adapt faster to changing business models. One way that Intelligent Order Management helps companies adapt faster is by providing them with the capability to model and automate responses to fulfillment constraints using the embedded drag-and-drop policy designer to configure order flows.

  • Low-Code/No-Code Order Flow Configuration

    Get a low-code/no-code easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly configure order flows to adapt to changing business models.

  • Collaborate to Manage Supply Chain Risks

    Use collaboration tools to manage supply chain risks and proactively respond to disruptions and constraints.

  • Proactive Response to Disruptions & Constraints

    Improve customer satisfaction and keep your operations running smoothly and deliver on your order promise.

  • Keep Ahead with E-Commerce Evolution

    Keep pace with the continuing evolution of e-commerce and reduce legacy IT software and support costs with an integrated-as-a-service (iSaaS) solution.

  • Rapidly Design and Build Order Flows

    Use model and automate responses to fulfillment constraints using the embedded drag-and-drop policy designer to configure order flows.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Many organizations find themselves locked into a monolithic ERP system and multiple legacy enterprise applications. They would like to switch to a new order management solution, but their experience with long and costly implementations stops them short of ripping and replacing their existing investments. With Intelligent Order Management, however, businesses can get up and running quickly, allowing them to quickly and easily connect all of their existing systems using API’s. And once they are up and running, they can continue to scale order management using pre-built connectors to ERP, order intake, fulfillment, and delivery partners.

  • Extend Business with Out-Of-The-Box Connectors

    Easily integrate with your existing enterprise systems  (ERP, CRM, WMS, etc.) and seamlessly synchronize data using Microsoft Dataverse.

  • Scale Quickly for Peak Order Volumes

    Capitalize on seasonal demands and organic growth and ensure you are ready for any increase in demand.

  • Maximize Your Existing Investments

    By avoiding full rip and replace of existing enterprise applications. Instead connect them and unify order and inventory data in single, modern solution.

  • Deploy Without Dependencies

    No dependency on other Dynamics 365 products and works seamlessly with both Dynamics 365 and non-Dynamics 365 business applications.

Enhance Your Customers’ Experience Sustainably

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management is ultimately about enhancing your customers experience by providing them with greater flexibility, improved transparency, and on-time delivery every time.

  • Increase On-Time and In-Full Order Fulfillment

    Ensure that your orders are delivered to your customers on time and in full, every time.

  • Meet Customers Where They

    With omnichannel fulfillment, your customers have the flexibility they want, including home delivery, buy-in store, buy online pickup in-store, and curbside pickup.

  • Enhance Customers’ Loyalty Sustainably

    Be consistently providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience by providing real-time inventory and order status.

  • Provide Real-Time Inventory and Order Status

    Increase customer satisfaction by providing real-time inventory and order status, from purchase to delivery.

High-level Architecture Overview

Adapt quickly and fulfill efficiently

dynamics 365 intelligent order management architecture overview

Modern Open Platform

Pre-built platform connectors Existing enterprise system integration No-limit cloud scalability.

Real-Time Visibility

Actionable fulfillment insights Omnichannel inventory data Cross-organization single order view.

Intelligent Fulfillment

Event, AI & rules driven fulfillment orchestration Streamlined collaboration & return management.

Extend your services through an ecosystem of connectors


Pair orders with near real-time data and inventory insights to optimize communications, delivery and returns services.

Order Source

Build multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C customers from catalog to payment to fulfillment.


Gain technology for shippers, carriers and drivers that automates processes, enables visibility and delivers insights.

Tax Compliance

Automate tax compliance by accurately calculating tax in compliance with the tax rates based on different locations and types of products.


Help retailers streamline omnichannel logistics programs through access to warehouse and transportation networks and pricing models.

Order Source

Retrieve orders, products, and related information from orders purchased from BigCommerce.


Import, manage and ship your orders, including instantly rating carriers, shipping labels for printing, returns, and stock levels tracking.

Order Source

Manage EDI orders to automate retail order fulfillment and connect with trading partners to deliver more products.

Embed Contextual Collaboration Into Your Supply Chain

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management with Microsoft Teams

FedEx + Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Transportation Optimization

Pair your orders with live transportation network and inventory data for improved insights on:

  • Transportation service to proactively detect and overcome delays and disruptions.
  • Selection of the most effective fulfillment location in a cost-effective manner.
  • Cost efficient 2-day delivery.
Transportation optimization with fedex and dynamics 365 intelligent order management

Frictionless Returns

Offer convenient, frictionless returns that inspire loyalty and differentiate your brand.

  • Branded workflow and status communications.
  • Over 60,000 FedEx drop-off locations and convenient at-home pick ups.
  • Environmentally sustainable returns through paperless no-box returns and print-less QR codes.
Frictionless returns with fedex and dynamics 365 intelligent order management

Near Real-Time Status

Provide consumers confidence with near real-time delivery status.

Real-time data feed into brand website for delivery dates and proactive delay predictions.

Near real-time status with fedex and dynamics 365 intelligent order management

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management Pricing, Licensing & Implementation in Malaysia & Cambodia

Discover up-to-date pricing, licensing, and implementation investment requirements for Malaysia and Cambodia based companies to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management. Easily calculate the approximate price of owning Intelligent Order Management based on your company’s needs.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

USD $300

per 1,000 orders lines/month

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management (Intelligent Order Management) is a cloudbased modern order management application that embeds intelligence into order channels and helps organizations optimize the order flow to their chosen fulfillment providers. Actionable insights empower organizations to optimize their operations and maximize profit margins by adapting to the constantly changing market supply and demand.

Evolving business models see challenges for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers on their way to positioning their products in new channels. With the increase in marketplaces and the evolution of traditional retailers to e-commerce providers, businesses need to evolve to better position their products versus the competition. Dealing with many order channels, marketplaces, and fulfillment channels requires companies to adapt to constant changes in their business processes and speed the order processing in a touchless manner.

Intelligent Order Management has been built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which provides the scalability needed by enterprise customers. Microsoft understands that performance is critical to customer satisfaction goals. Selling through retailers and marketplaces requires organizations to be able to respond to the SLAs needed to keep products listed. Running on the Microsoft cloud enables organizations to scale up as needed based on their order volume throughput to turn around orders from capture to fulfillment in seconds.

Organizations have a growing need for purpose-driven supply chain solutions to meet quickly changing business demands that can integrate with their existing enterprise systems without replacing them. A representation of this need is that companies must centrally manage the entire lifecycle of an order from intake to fulfillment to respond quickly to constraints and disruptions and still deliver on the order promise.

Intelligent Order Management enables organizations to quickly adapt and meet future order and fulfillment complexities while supporting contemporary methods like buying online for in-store or curbside pickup.

The Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)/Chief Operations Officer/Chief Warehouse Officer/VP or Director of Retail/e-commerce, and Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) are the decision-makers most relevant for Intelligent Order Management.

The executive supply chain leader is responsible for the day-to-day supply chain, warehouse, fulfillment, and delivery-related operations of an organization. The CSCO is the critical decisionmaker for purchasing supply chain software to meet functional needs within his global teams. CSCO rolls out strategic plans to drive operational excellence and growth by aligning operational business activities with corporate objectives.

The Chief Retail Officer is responsible for supporting the organization with retail operations, developing back-office retail operations solutions, and helping establish seamless, omnichannel consumer experiences across a brand portfolio.

The role of the CTO is to drive growth and change within an organization. Transformational leadership positions are growing because of digital disruption across all industries. The CTO is particularly valuable to mature organizations who might otherwise struggle with legacy infrastructure when trying to evolve. The CTO sees a cross-functional picture of people, data, and infrastructure, thus ensuring a seamless transformation. This executive oversees the transformation of every business process and anticipates changes and obstacles along the way

No. Intelligent Order Management is a standalone application that does not require or dependencies on other Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications.

No. Intelligent Order Management is a cloud-based integrated software as a service (iSaaS) solution designed for high-volume order transaction flows. While the order orchestration process will run in the cloud, organizations may have order capture systems or fulfillment systems on-premises. Organizations can connect to those systems as required for their order processes using the connector model.

Intelligent Order Management can integrate customers’ existing enterprise systems with pre-built connectors that can easily be configured through a no-code designer experience. Intelligent Order Management can scale for peak order volumes to support different order intake, fulfillment, and delivery partners using these pre-built connectors.

Yes. Intelligent Order Management provides real-time visibility into the order from intake to delivery. It has customizable integrated dashboards to track and improve operational efficiency while enabling a single view of the order throughout the organization across multiple systems.

Yes, our solution can provide companies with the flexibility to capture orders from any order source such as online e-commerce, marketplace, mobile apps, or traditional EDI. And fulfill orders from their warehouse, 3PL, stores, or drop-ship with vendors or other delivery fulfillment partners.

Because Intelligent Order Management has been built on the Power Platform, customers can leverage its machine learning capabilities and incorporate them into their order orchestration. The machine learning capabilities allow customers to make decisions and influence the order flow. Most 8 of the orders are managed without human intervention in an automated way based on the rules set in the orchestration engine. Whenever there is an exception, the orchestration engine learns how these exceptions are handled, and it gets more intelligent at handling similar scenarios in the future.

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