Maximize Efficiency of Warehouse Management with Dynamics 365

Warehouse Management with Dynamics 365

Optimize your operations, maximize efficiency and save cost with Warehouse Management with Dynamics 365.

Drive warehouse process optimization through real-time visibility of inventory, equipment, and labor, and maximize efficiency through seamless integration with broader Supply Chain Management processes.

Flexible warehouse management

Warehouse management helps businesses address the challenging questions of where items should be stored, what items need to be shipped, and when. While basic warehouse processes such as these are shared across industries and players, specific requirements can vary widely by company and industry and even between warehouses within a single company. Market leaders need a flexible and adaptable warehouse management solution that addresses their unique functional requirements.

Robust Warehouse Management with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365’s Warehouse management solution is included with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. It is robust enough to handle all core warehouse processes but adaptable enough to be customized for more complex supply chains with advanced processing requirements. Productivity tools streamline and optimize core warehousing functions, while an open architecture supports third-party solutions to meet material handling, government, and industry requirements unique to each warehouse location.

Warehouse management is integrated with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and comes at no additional cost.

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Unify Warehouse Management with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central brings together comprehensive organizational information, automates manual tasks, connects processes and workflows, enables fact-based inventory management, and provides managers with clear visibility into business performance, margins, profitability, and opportunities for improvement. Its flexible, modular structure enables the addition of new or custom functionality over time to match the growth and evolution of the business.  

5 Benefits of Warehouse Management with Dynamics 365

1. Automate warehouse operations

Optimize warehouse operations, material handling, workforce planning, and inventory flow with integrated warehouse management. Track performance with configurable dashboards and improve productivity with the mobile app.

2. Reduce warehouse cost

Automate inventory movement, transactions, and warehouse planning tasks while synchronizing labor and material handling equipment to minimize distance traveled and reduce overall operational costs.

3. Keep your warehouse running continuously

Easily scale and maintain operations 24-hours a day throughout peak processing times, and keep critical warehouse processes running at high throughput on the edge (in preview). Ensure business continuity in remote locations even when disconnected from the cloud.

4. Configure to purpose

Configure warehouse management to your specific business needs, whether you require standard receive, store, pick, pack, ship in a single warehouse or have multiple warehouses, each requiring a mixture of pick strategies, 3PL transportation, wave planning, and complex cross-docking.

5. Gain granular visibility

Optimize warehouse processes by improving the granularity and availability of data into functions, such as full traceability of worker’s material handling in near-real-time, then use this data to continually improve.

4 Key Features of Warehouse Management with Dynamics 365

1. Inventory management

Support the core functions of inventory management in any warehouse, automate order fulfillment, and prioritize tasks to optimize workflow and minimize inventory on hand while also preventing stock-outs.

2. Material handling equipment interface (MHAX)

Enable bi-directional communication, including talk-to send instructions and automated notifications when tasks are complete, with equipment such as autonomous forklifts, palletizers and robot fetch machines.

3. Mobile devices, bar codes, and RFID

Integrate mobile devices for warehouse workers and empower them with time-saving technology—including bar code and RFID readers—to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

4. Business Intelligence

Warehouse Performance Power BI measures key performance metrics to identify improvements in vendor compliance, order fulfillment, and warehousing activities in real-time.

Dynamics 365 improves warehouse management visibility, enabling warehouse operations to continually improve processes, reduce cost, and achieve high customer service levels

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What’s Next?

Dynamics 365 business applications ensure business continuity through intelligent unified systems. Dynamics 365 business applications are highly composable and they can easily integrate with each other and other external systems to help you meet critical business needs like enhancing visibility, gaining agility, and empowering the workforce to ensure business continuity.

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