Structure Your Engineering Change Management with Dynamics 365

Engineering Change Management with Dynamics 365

Bring structure and discipline to product data management thanks to version control and engineering change management.

Take control of change

An increase in product complexity and a rise in the breadth and depth of product portfolios have gone hand in hand with the creation of sprawling global supply chains that continue to add more and more diverse participants. Without effective and robust engineering change management processes, the modern enterprise can be hard-pressed to manage cost, maintain and improve product quality, and minimize time-to-market.

Engineering Change Management Solution Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management’s Engineering Change Management solution gives organizations greater control of and visibility into changes across product lifecycles. Embedded workflows provide the means to automate product release and acceptance, and they help ensure the right people are involved and prompted to take action on engineering change orders and requests.

Engineering Change Management gives organizations greater control of and visibility into changes across product lifecycles.

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Top 5 Benefits of Engineering Change Management with Dynamics 365

1. Reduce errors

Avoid costly mistakes with effective engineering change management that reduces manufacturing and inventory errors.

2. Go-to-market faster

Implement an organized and structured method for handling product changes to reduce delays in product development and introduction and go-to-market faster.

3. Improve quality

Improve product quality by ensuring that all product data is complete, accurate, and easily accessible throughout the product lifecycle and the release of product changes is controlled and documented.

4. Exceed customer expectations

Leverage customer feedback and market insights to drive product changes that serve to expand product functionality and reliability so that you can exceed customer expectations.

5. Streamline new product introductions

Streamline new product development and introductions by enforcing readiness checks to ensure that product information is up-to-date, complete, and accurate.

Key 5 Engineering Change Management Features in Dynamics 365

1. Product versioning

Use engineering versions to keep the various forms of a product and its data current, clear, and visually represented in the system.

2. Lifecycle management

Enable detailed control of data ownership and lifecycle management, decide when and to whom to release data, and define which processes are clear to run specific items across the business.

3. Engineering change requests

Empower users to request product changes by submitting engineering change requests to a centralized system.

4. Engineering change orders

Easily identify, adopt, and implement changes in ingredients and formulations, keep all affected parties aligned, and retain a historical record of product development.

5. Readiness checks

Use readiness checks to ensure that all product master data has been specified before initiating the new product introduction process.

Dynamics 365 helps organize and manage product changes, from initial prototype to production, allowing you to respond faster while ensuring consistently high levels of product quality

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