Centralize, Optimize and Simplify Your Inventory Management with Dynamics 365

Inventory Management with Dynamics 365

Inventory management system with Dynamics 365, gain a single source of truth of the inventory in the orchestration of the inventory flow from inbound, transfer, and quality management to outbound.

Stay On Top of Inventory

At a basic level, inventory management seeks to answer three simple questions:

  • What items need to be stocked?
  • How many items need to order?
  • When the items need to be ordered?

But as businesses scale with a mix of inventory, locations, and suppliers, answering these questions becomes more complex.

Modern companies need an inventory management solution that gives them visibility and insights to stay on top of their inventory and successfully manage their businesses.

Manage Inventory with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management‘s inventory management solution gives businesses greater visibility into their inventory.

Through actionable intelligence, leveraging data from historical sales, purchasing, and supply chain data, it empowers organizations to help optimize inventory replenishment, reduce carrying costs, and exceed customer expectations

Inventory operations are executed with real-time global visibility to streamline production, order fullfilment, and backorder processes to optimize inventory levels.

– Dynamics 365 Expert at Agile Dynamics Solutions

Benefits of Inventory Management with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

  1. Ensure product availability – Gain insights into inventory availability and trends to prevent stock-outs and help ensure you always have the right inventory in stock to meet customer needs.
  2. Reduce inventory carrying costs – Streamline and automate your inventory processes from arrival to outbound operations, to reduce overstocking and minimize inventory carrying costs.
  3. Consistently deliver high quality – Improve product testing and the management of noncoforming material to help guarantee a high level of product quality across your supply chain.
  4. Streamline inventory close – Better understand the true value of your inventory and improve inventory close times based on the valuation method that meets your business needs.
  5. Exceed customer expectaions – Improve time and transparency from order to delivery by enhancingand automating outbound processes and fulfillment.

Key Features of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management for Inventory Management

  1. Inventory visibility: Gain a global view of inventory position acrosslegaentities and multiple locations with a highly scalable microservice that enables near-real-time on-hand inventory tracking.
  2. Arrival overview: Get an overview of arrivals to plan workloads and help guarantee items are tracked at first entry into the warehouse.
  3. Quality management: Improve and automate processes for quality assurance, quality control and tracking.
  4. Inventory processes: Leverage inventory journals to post transactions, including for issues and receipts, inventory movements, and bills of materials.
  5. Outbound operations: Streamline outbound processes by linking orders with outbound picking processes.

Dynamics 365 improves visibility into inventory management, empowering you to improve operations, reduce costs, and exceed customer expertations.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Expert at Agile Dynamics Solutions

What’s Next?

Dynamics 365 business applications ensure business continuity through intelligent unified systems. Dynamics 365 business applications are highly composable and they can easily integrate with each other and other external systems to help you meet critical business needs like enhancing visibility, gaining agility, and empowering the workforce to ensure business continuity.

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