Improve Visibility Into Asset Management with Dynamics 365

asset management with Dynamics 365

Maximize asset performance throughout the lifecycle by optimizing maintenance and repair operations of physical plants and equipment.

Minimize downtime and reactive maintenance

Asset management is concerned with maximizing the return-on-investment of long-term fixed assets, such as vehicles, material equipment, and process machinery. Because this equipment plays a direct role in operational output and represents large fixed-cost investments, asset-intensive businesses—including manufacturers— need to prioritize effective asset care. Smart organizations need to leverage solutions that enable them to maximize asset life, optimize performance, and minimize operational downtime and related costs.

Manage Asset Management with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

The Asset Management Add-in for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is an advanced module for managing assets and maintenance jobs. It seamlessly connects with other Dynamics 365 business applications, including Field Service, so you can manage the lifecycle of your assets, optimize maintenance plans, and generate intelligence from IoT sensors to perform proactive maintenance, efficiently manage spare parts, and automate work orders.

The Asset Management Add-in for Supply Chain Management is an advanced module for managing assets and maintenance jobs.

– Dynamics 365 Expert at Agile Dynamics Solutions

6 Benefits of Asset Management with Dynamics 365

1. Extend asset life cycle length

Improve asset care to help your organization extend asset lifecycle length and maximize the overall return from the investment, increasing overall value chain profitability

2. Reduce costly machine downtime

Proactively manage business-critical equipment by performing all types of maintenance, including predictive, corrective, condition-based, and preventative.

3. Effectively manage geographically dispersed assets

Taking advantage of the Dynamics 365 Field Service integration to automate and optimize resource scheduling, thus minimize travel time and the time to perform maintenance of geographically dispersed assets.

4. Improve overall equipment effectiveness

Visualize and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of mission-critical assets by performing predictive maintenance based on real-time performance data from IoT sensors and field data from Dynamics 365 Field Service.

5. Automate maintenance planning

Streamline and automate maintenance schedules, and send scenario-driven alerts based on preventative maintenance plans and checklists.

6. Gain predictive insights

Drive insights with machine learning-augmented visualizations to predict when machines will require attention, and automate self-healing and maintenance steps before downtime occurs.

11 Key Features of Asset Management with Dynamics 365

1. Asset acquisition

Gain a centralized overview of the processes used to acquire, capitalize, and depreciate fixed assets, and manage it all through a simple, easy-to-use portal

2. Record costs

Capture time and material cost for work orders as they occur in real-time, and when appropriate, bill customers for maintenance work.

3. Leverage insights from IoT data

Use the Sensor Data Intelligence Add-in to ingest parametric data and sensor telemetry via Azure IoT Hub, and provide contextual visualization and alerts across quality, production, and maintenance scenarios.

4. Paperless inventory control

Gain tighter inventory control with touch-friendly, paperless processes that eliminate errors and minimize shrinkage for a variety of material handling scenarios.

5. Plan maintenance spares with MRP

Fully-integrated inventory planning capability allows for optimization of spare parts stock levels by factoring demand for spares from scheduled work orders into material requirement planning (MRP).

6. Transform maintenance

Leverage integrated maintenance planning and cross-functional asset information to improve both preventative and breakdown maintenance processes.

7. Mobile workspaces

Users can quickly view assigned work order jobs, create and manage maintenance requests, update lifecycle state, and view asset and functional location details, all from the mobile device of their choice.

8. Word order management

Use work orders to manage maintenance jobs and record time and material costs associated with an asset

9. Synchronize maintenance and production schedules

Optimize production schedules by factoring planned maintenance of equipment into scheduling logic or quickly check alignment using visual scheduling tools.

10. Unified data

Extend access to those in the organization who need to leverage data for analytics, updating asset master data, or performing maintenance tasks.

11. Mixed reality

Enable your workforce to navigate increased business complexity. Leverage Dynamics 365 Guides to reduce costly errors by delivering detailed, hands-free visual work instructions for safer task execution.

Dynamics 365 improves visibility into asset management operations, empowering maintenance and production teams to optimize processes, maximize asset lifecycles, and minimize equipment downtime.

What’s Next?

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