Improve Procurement and Sourcing with Dynamics 365

Procurement and Sourcing with Dynamics 365

Improve communication across the supply chain to enhance order accuracy and maximize vendor performance while optimizing the cost and quality of material and service spend.

Power the full range of procure-to-pay

Today’s highly competitive marketplace has pushed the business world to create intricate, lean, and highly interdependent global supply. Smart players generate predictability, stability, and resilience by leveraging procurement and sourcing solutions that reduce material costs and increase overall profitability while enabling better and faster decision-making.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management for Procurement and Sourcing

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management integrates all steps of the procurement and sourcing processes through a single application. Embedded tools for spend analysis, supplier performance management, and real-time vendor collaboration provide you with the actionable intelligence needed to maximize the effectiveness of your purchasing and sourcing processes. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management integrates all steps of the procurement and sourcing processes through a single application.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Procurement and Sourcing

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one enterprise resource management system and similarly to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, it integrates all steps of the procurement and sourcing processes through a single application. Business Central is a less robust solution suitable for SMBs that prefer less customization and features, yet require automation, flexibility, and centralized operation.

In short, the concept of purchase management covers the handling of the company’s procurement as well as aspects and workflow related to the procurement processes. The task of the company’s purchasing department is to ensure that the goods, supplies, fixtures, and services necessary for the operation of the company are ordered and always in stock. They also have responsibility for the costs associated with the purchase of goods.

5 Key Benefits of Procurement and Sourcing with Dynamics 365

1. Enable vendor collaboration

Work together with suppliers as if they are part of an integrated and seamless pipeline. This true collaboration drives mutual benefit and the ability to leverage operating capabilities to improve collective performance. Companies can dramatically shorten processing times, minimize value-depleting activities, and improve accuracy and quality in the balance.

2. Control the purchasing process

Unlock significant value by ensuring that trade agreements are executed as intended with a centralized and searchable repository of all vendor communication, contracts, and transactions. Gone are the days of email chains and documents saved on localized machines.

3. Build resilient supplier networks

Ensure business continuity by building redundancy in the supplier network with a fast and sophisticated supplier qualification process to overcome disruptions.

4. Coordinate inter-business processes

Centralize all vendor information and communication to increase knowledge and process orientation across your procurement, purchasing, and strategic sourcing teams.

5. Secure optimal pricing

Negotiate the best price for raw materials and outsourced products based on intelligent insights from supplier performance, spend analysis, lead times, and the competitive landscape.

4 Key Features of Dynamics 365 for Procurement and Sourcing

1. Vendor collaboration portal

Streamline and optimize the procurement processes by using a single application to seamlessly collaborate with vendors, manage contracts, onboard them, and monitor performance like on-time delivery and quality.

2. Administer purchasing policy

Realize maximum cost saving by ensuring that negotiated pricing is automatically leveraged across workflows based on purchase policies defined for specific business needs.

3. Order products

Accelerate the procurement of direct and indirect supplies by integrating seamlessly in real-time with vendor catalogs.

4. Analyze spending

Leverage spend data to identify trends and potential areas for cost-saving initiatives.

Dynamics 365 accelerates the digital transformation of the procurement and sourcing process, allowing you to improve your supply base’s performance and minimize processing times while reducing costs.

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Dynamics 365 business applications ensure business continuity through intelligent unified systems. Dynamics 365 business applications are highly composable and they can easily integrate with each other and other external systems to help you meet critical business needs like enhancing visibility, gaining agility, and empowering the workforce to ensure business continuity.

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