Turn relationships into revenue [Infographic]

Turn relationships into Revenue - Dynamics 365 for Sales Malaysia & Singapore

Selling requires more than just pitching to your potential customers about your products or services the whole day. Your sales team needs to level up its game as did your prospects.

Today’s prospects are more educated than ever before due to the vast information accessible on the internet. 60% of the buyer journey is completed before a prospect contact a salesperson.

That means your prospects spend most of their time researching your products and services from numerous sources before they contact you. Also according to IDC, almost 70% of the buyer journey is done digitally.

Which gives a great opportunity for your business to establish yourself as a subject matter expert if you are able to lead them through the buyer journey with the online information they need to make a decision.

Therefore make your salespeople more educated and prepared. With modern solutions such as Dynamics 365 Sales, you can know more about your prospects than ever before. Understand the steps they took before and why they are searching for your products and services.

You can customize your content even before your prospects contact you, and once they did, you can provide only relevant information to their business, which increases your conversion rate.

Turn your relationship into a revenue today and request a free Dynamics 365 Demo for Malaysia & Signapore.


Dynamics 365 for Malaysia & Singapore with Turn Relationships into revenue and improve your sales. Infographics how Dynamics 365 helps Malaysian and Singaporean Businesses with ERP and CRm software.

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