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e-invoicing malaysia

E-Invoicing Malaysia: Latest Update on Commencement Date

Latest update on the commencement date of e-invoicing, announced by Ministry of Finance during Malaysian 2024 Budget presentation.

E-Invoicing: Malaysia to Enforce Starting from June 2024

E-invoicing will be implemented in Malaysia starting from June 2024. Here is an overview of what e-invoicing is all about.
marketing challenges and how to overcome them with tools like dynamics 365 marketing in malaysia and singapore

Marketing Challenges your Malaysian Business is Facing Now and How to Fix Them with Dynamics 365 Marketing

In this article, we will look at one of the biggest marketing challenges your business in Malaysia is facing and how you can use tools like Dynamics 365 Marketing to deliver optimal marketing results and not be wasting the marketing budget,…
The Top Signs of Your Business Is Outgrowing Accounting Software? [Infographic] 1

The Top Signs of Your Business Is Outgrowing Accounting Software? [Infographic]

Running a successful business is not only about having the best talents on boards but also a technology that empowers them to do more in less time and to become more productive. Employees and technology go hands in hands to deliver efficiently…
digital strategy trends in malaysia

9 Trends to Keep in Mind When Creating A Digital Strategy

Digital is the new norm, and companies must take advantage of all the tools available to deliver the best customer experiences, become more agile and efficient and stay competitive. Just being “online,” however, is no longer a competitive…
Map to your customers’ sales expectations [Infographic] 2

Map to your customers’ sales expectations [Infographic]

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Sales are complex process of getting to know your customers, understand their needs, and satisfy them. Today's prospects are more educated than ever before and therefore you must be educated too. Knowing all your prospect's interactions…
Turn relationships into Revenue - Dynamics 365 for Sales Malaysia & Singapore

Turn relationships into revenue [Infographic]

Selling requires more than just pitching to your potential customers about your products or services the whole day. Your sales team needs to level up its game as did your prospects. Today's prospects are more educated than ever before due…