Chapter 7

ERP Vendors in Malaysia

ERP system is developed to help organizations to do more with less and there are many top ERP vendors in Malaysia that help with the digital transformation of businesses. However which ERP vendor will work for you? Here is a list of top ERP vendors in Malaysia.

erp vendors malaysia

Since COVID-19 many businesses were forced to digitally transform to stay competitive and productive and ERP systems were one of the most important digital transformation initiatives taken by companies.

Thanks to the benefits and advantages of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems many organizations had decided to update, upgrade or implement an ERP system.

However, this brings many companies to make decisions about what ERP vendor is the best for their needs. So, in this chapter, we are going to introduce you to some of the best ERP vendors in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

microsoft dynamics 365 erp vendor enterprise

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a product line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) intelligent applications that are seamlessly connected together with other Microsoft products.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is nothing new in the market and it has been built on previous generation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM applications.

At the highest level, there are 2 main Dynamics 365 ERP solutions to choose from: Business Central and Finance & Operations modules.

microsoft dynamics 365 erp vendor malaysia smb

Business Central is all-in-one business management solution for SMBs that comes with different features under two pricing essential & premium:

  • Financial Management (inc. in essential)
  • Sales (inc. in essential)
  • Purchases (inc. in essential)
  • Warehouse Management (inc. in essential)
  • CRM (inc. in essential)
  • Human Resources Management (inc. in essential)
  • Projects (inc. in essential)
  • Service (premium)
  • Manufacturing (premium)

And Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is a category of Microsoft ERP & CRM modules for medium and large size companies. These are standalone ERP and CRM applications that you can purchase separately and add whenever you need to extend your capabilities. Here is a list of ERP applications:

The various products are aimed at different market segments, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large organizations with multi-language, currency, and legal entity capability.

Dynamics 365 pricing, compared to its main competitors — Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle — is also a benefit, with the bundle and role-based licensing, which are two pricing features that customers typically prefer.

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Southeast Asia including in Malaysia, contact us. Agile Dynamics Solutions (ADS) is the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider with the largest customer base in Malaysia with over 30 years of experience.

2. Oracle

oracle erp vendor malaysia

Oracle has been developing ERP systems for decades and it has been established as one of the leading ERP providers in the world.

Oracle ERP is enterprise resource planning software from business applications vendor Oracle Corporation. The company has a long history of the building and providing ERP software, including inhouse built ERP solutions and acquisitions such as JD Edwards, Netsuite, Oracle ERP Cloud, and more.

Oracle ERP isn’t a single product as Oracle produces and supports more than one ERP solution.

Each solution including Netsuite, JD Edwards, and Oracle ERP Cloud offers a different set of modules and available functionality which allows them to cater to different sizes of businesses and those in different industries. Learn more on NetSuite alternatives.

Oracle Cloud ERP software applications include:

  • Oracle Financials cloud
  • Project Management
  • Procurement cloud
  • Risk Management
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Adaptive Intelligent Apps for ERP
  • Analytics for Cloud ERP.

The suite runs on an Oracle technology stack in Oracle’s cloud centers. Oracle ERP Cloud is accessible through both public and private cloud implementation and supports hybrid deployment. Oracle supplies updates to Oracle ERP Cloud at least twice annually.

3. SAP

sap erp vendor malaysia

SAP ERP was built based on the former SAP R/3 software. SAP R/3, which was officially launched on 6 July 1992, consisted of various applications on top of SAP Basis, SAP’s set of middleware programs and tools.

The company’s integrated applications connect different parts of a business into an intelligent suite on a fully digital platform, thereby replacing the process-driven, legacy platform.

All applications were built on top of the SAP Web Application Server. Extension sets were used to deliver new features and keep the core as stable as possible. The Web Application Server contained all the capabilities of SAP Basis

SAP system consists of several fully integrated modules, which cover virtually every aspect of business management.

The company develops software solutions that are used by small businesses, midsize companies, and large corporations. With standard applications, industry solutions, platforms, and technologies, every business process can be mapped and designed.

SAP offers solutions across a wide range of areas:

  • ERP and Finance
  • CRM and Customer Experience
  • Network and Spend Management
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • HR and People Engagement
  • Experience Management
  • Business Technology Platform
  • Digital Transformation
  • Small and Midsize Enterprises

The software collects and processes data on one platform, from raw material purchasing to production and customer satisfaction. SAP solutions can be installed “on premise” at a user’s location(s) or used from the cloud,

In addition, SAP helps customers seamlessly link operational data on business processes with experience data on emotional factors such as purchase experience and customer feedback. This enables companies to better understand and respond to their customers. For more information check out SAP Business One alternatives.

4. Acumatica

acumatica erp vendor malaysia

Acumatica is a one of the leading innovator in cloud ERP with customers located around the world.

Acumatica ERP delivers adaptable cloud and mobile technology with a unique all-inclusive user licensing model, enabling a complete, real time view of your business anytime, anywhere. Through their worldwide network of partners, Acumatica provides integrated business management applications, including:

  • Financials
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Accounting
  • Field Service
  • Retail-Commerce
  • Construction
  • CRM

Their cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform designed to help small and midsize businesses reach their organizational goals.

Acumatica is a well-balanced app featuring a modular architecture that targets ERP, general ledger accounting, and inventory management. Its browser-based user experience (UX) is excellent, with a feature-rich environment accessible via an intuitive user interface (UI). Check out Acumatica Alternatives.

5. Sage

sage erp vendor malaysia

Sage is one of the largest suppliers of enterprise resource planning system and the largest supplier to small businesses.

Essentially Sage are software developers focusing on developing solutions specifically designed to help businesses. Originally Sage focused on developing software for Accountants, but over the years their product range has expanded.

Not only do they provide software solutions and packages, but they now also offer services such as SagePay, an online payment gateway intended to simplify the payment process and Sage Live, which is a business management and accounting software in one.

The key software solutions Sage offers can be roughly divided into three areas: Accounting, Payroll and Human Resource Management and Payments.

Precisely which software solutions are available in which country differs slightly, as the products tend to be specifically tailored for each region’s specific accounting, payroll and taxation legislation. For example, Sage 50c Accounts is specific to UK businesses, whereas Sage One is a worldwide software solution.

Whether it be a start-up or large multinational, Sage Software is used by all different sizes of businesses and its flexibility is a key factor.

6. Ecount

ecount erp venndor malaysia

ECOUNT is a cloud-based integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution suitable for small and midsize businesses. It helps manage inventory, production, logistics, sales, accounting and payroll.

ECOUNT’s inventory management functionality provides users with the ability to view inventory movement across all locations. Users can manage multiple locations, warehouses, distribution centres and stores.

ECOUNT’s main modules include:

  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Collaboration

ECOUNT features a customizable sales and inventory reporting module, allowing users to summarize or detail reports based on their requirements. The customization functionality also allows users to modify modules, menus, features, input screens, reports, invoices and vouchers.

The production management feature helps users to create single tier or multi-level BOMs, track consumption of materials, check stock levels and more. The solution also takes care of sales and material purchases, payables, order invoices and trades.

Because ECOUNT is fully web-based, no offline or on-premise ERP version exists. Additionally, users can only send invoices one at a time rather than all at once, which diminishes efficiency.

7. IFS

IFS erp vendor 2022

IFS Applications is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that helps businesses to integrate data and processes across multiple departments and locations. It offers various modules to users for asset management, project management, supply chain management and more. IFS Applications helps users to manage end-to-end asset lifecycle within a large enterprise.

The solution holds its applications in a wide range of industries including, construction, engineering, oil and gas drilling, aerospace and manufacturing. The user interface of IFS Applications helps users to organize tasks, roles and mimics navigational conventions found on the web

Here are some of the features of the ERP software from IFS:

  • Financial management tools
  • Field service management
  • Manage work orders
  • Human capital management
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing scheduling
  • Supply chain management

IFS develops and delivers enterprise software for companies around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations.

With IFS, you will be able to maintain assets, manage, manufacture, and distribute goods with ease from start to finish.

Within their single platform, their industry specific products are innately connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation.

8. Epicor

epicor epr vendor malaysia

Epicor ERP system is modular, industry-specific software used to manage business processes company-wide. Epicor software works well for managing accounting and finance, human resources, customers, the supply chain, inventory, distribution, and manufacturing production management. Epicor software is available on-premises and as SaaS cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Epicor solutions include:

  • Manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • Supply chain management
  • Financial management
  • Human capital management (HCM)
  • Business intelligence & analytics
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Production management
  • Service management

Businesses of all sizes use the Epicor ERP system and business management software, although Epicor customers are mostly mid-market size. Its customers are in 150 countries, with most based in the United States.

Epicor cost is quoted based on the number of users, modules, and business process management software products selected. Epicor ERP is a mid-range business software system. To budget, add implementation costs, consulting, additional IT staff, Epicor training, user group meetings, third-party add-on software, and Epicor per-incident customer service costs.


syspro erp vendor malaysia

SYSPRO is a software development company, providing integrated business software including accounting, manufacturing, and distribution operations across a wide variety of industries.

SYSPRO is a vendor that specializes in providing ERP and other integrated business software to midsize manufacturers and distributors. SYSPRO’s software encompasses all aspects of business, including accounting, manufacturing, operations, and distribution.

SYSPRO’s enterprise business software help users to automate and integrate core business processes such as financials, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, operations and the supply chain through applications that include:

  • ERP
  • Supply chain management
  • Sales management and CRM
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Warehouse management
  • Business intelligence
  • E-commerce

SYSPRO’s ERP suite supports manufacturers across various verticals, such as aerospace, automotive, chemicals and fertilizers, electronics, consumer durables, food and beverage, medical devices, mining, pharmaceuticals, construction, machinery and equipment, metal fabrication, plastics and rubber and wholesale supply and distribution.

SYSPRO’s focuses on delivering tools that help its customers integrate technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, cloud and consumer-grade user experience (UX) into their ERP system.

Final advice

There are many great ERP vendors you can choose from and unfortunately, we did not mention all of them. However, Above all, we recommend evaluating ERP vendors objectively, rather than making snap judgments.

Every ERP vendor has its unique ways to help your company to grow and save costs. However, what’s important is to make sure they match your needs and requirements. Sometimes just having a ton of features and customization options is not what you need and the basic feature is all that your business needs.

But as we said, it’s always good to talk to your vendor or certified partner to help you better understand the system and walk you through it. Agile Dynamics Solutions is the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner. ADS offers a free demo and provides expert advice on ERP & CRM applications from Microsoft to ensure you get exactly what you need. With 30+ years of experience, they have developed a unique methodology with a 100% implementation rate. Contact us to learn more.

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