Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Supply Chain Management

Build resilient with real-time view of your supply chain with all-in-one ERP system from Microsoft using Dynamics 365 Business Central Supply Chain Management.

Build a Resilient Supply Chain with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Improve supplier engagement

Build better relationships with suppliers and convert the best offers to orders. Ensure compliance with internal and external policies with process governance and approvals.

dynamis 365 business central supply chain management Improve supplier engagement malaysia

Get a holistic view of your inventory

Use the same costing method or different ones for inventory items, and easily move items between locations to control the quantity on hand using cycling counting.

dynamis 365 business central supply chain management Get a holistic view of your inventory malaysia

Smart Stock Replenishment

Replenish inventory based on actuals, demand, and availability using built-in intelligence, sales forecasts, and expected stock-outs to automatically create purchase orders.

dynamis 365 business central supply chain management smart stock replenishment malaysia

Supply Chain Management in Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Supply Chain Management module enables organizations to adapt to disruptions successfully. It ensures business continuity during distress. It provides end-to-end visibility of their supply chain to make data-driven decisions as supposed to emotionally-driven decisions on demand and supply in a crisis.

Companies can return to normal and ramp up faster due to the agility in planning, sourcing, and distribution processes driven by non-monolithic business solutions and de-risk from future disruptions. With a resilient supply chain, organizations are better equipped to generate positive cash flow by optimizing resources, staying profitable, retaining market share, and remaining competitive.

Supply Chain Management Functionalities

Alternative Order AddressesProcurement and vendor management
Alternative Ship-To AddressesPurchase Invoicing
Alternative VendorsPurchase Line Discounting
Assembly ManagementPurchase Line Pricing
Basic InventoryPurchase Order Management
Basic PayablesPurchase Return Order Management
Basic ReceivablesReturns and cancellations
CalendarsSales Invoice Discounts
Cycle CountingSales Invoicing
Drop ShipmentsSales Line Discounting
Inventory and Purchasing controlSales Line Pricing
Item AttributesSales Order Management
Item BudgetsSales Return Order Management
Item CategoriesSales Tax/VAT*
Item ChargesShipment and distribution
Item Cross ReferencesShipping Agents
Item TrackingStandard Cost Worksheet
Location TransfersStock keeping Units
Multiple LocationsVendor Catalogue Items
Order Promising*depending on the county of deployment

Supply Chain Management Benefits

Dynamics 365 Business Central Bring together data from all your lines of business, across systems, in a single, comprehensive, enriched view—formatted to apply real-time intelligence across applications and services.

It centralizes your data from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, operations, and customer interactions for accurate end-to-end visibility across your organization. All data stays up-to-date so you can spot trends, prevent issues, and deliver great customer experiences.

Connect data, relationships, and workflows across the business with end-to-end applications to optimize operations, empower cross-functional teams, and better engage customers. Get a 360-degree view of the business and drive repeatable outcomes at scale, powered by persistent, AI-fueled insights derived from unified, enriched data and signals.

Built-in inventory intelligence

Business Central with built-in intelligence helps you to maintain healthy inventory levels in one or multiple locations to ensure your business keeps an optimal number of parts or products in stock whether it is online, on the shelf, or both.

With forecasting it helps you to focus on the removal of slow-selling products and increasing the number of high-selling, you’ll maximize your profits, while saving time, resources, and money with the least amount of inventory sitting in your warehouse.

It predicts the best time to replenish your inventory, so you are not having too little or too much stock in your warehouse.

Lastly, Business Central also provides forecasts of sales and expected inventory that you can use to automatically create purchase orders and thus streamline workflows and keep track of your ordered goods and services.

All this helps you to:

  • Quality control.Track and manage all aspects of your stock, including quality, to ensure pieces are rotated through your warehouse.
  • Organizational control.Ensure you have enough product to fulfill every order that comes through, as well as safety stock—stock that acts as a buffer to reduce an item being labeled “out of stock.”
  • Accounting accuracy.Keeping an accurate record of your inventory is vital for managing your assets, especially in audits. Knowing your product quantities allows you to know how much of your product is being lost, destroyed, or spoiled and understand the value of your business.

Precise inventory tracking means orders are filled quickly and accurately, with increased efficiency and productivity, while offering business owners more time, money, and returning customers—with the products all coming from an organized warehouse or stock room.

A total view of your warehouse

Business Central gives you a total view of your warehouse of any inbound and outbound items, returns, and cancelations as well as delivery of your orders to your customers.

It enables you to set up locations based on the layout of the warehouse and the dimensions of the storage unit, how different items are handled in different warehouse locations such as the degree of bin control and the extent of the workflow required between warehouse activities.

It provides a real-time view of your warehouse from receiving items, cross-dock items, putting items away all the way to ship items, and everything in between.

Increase the profitability

Business Central helps you to synch your operations, sales, and financial processes and create automation and workflow to increase efficiency.

  • Increase Sales Orders Accuracy – Enables you to increase precision in ordering the right parts and materials at the right time and helps the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution channels to anticipate future work and ultimately improve your planning.
  • Pay at the Right Time – With Business Central Supply Chain Management, It can notify you of the best time to pay vendors so that you can increase your discount capture rate, improve supplier relationships, and avoid unnecessary penalties or interest.
  • Identify Quality or Production Issues – Identify which products or materials from vendors are failing at higher-than-expected rates.
  • Accurately Predict Production and Warehousing Needs – Historical and real-time data unifies to provide better forecasting, which allows production and warehousing teams to allocate their resources and optimize their operations as needed to meet timelines and avoid over-capacity cost and stoppage issues
  • Reduce Delays – With better planning and quality, you reduce the risk of delays, helping to avoid average costs like overtime, rush shipping, and discounting.

Order at the right time, pay at the right time

Dynamics 365 Business Central is naturally integrated with Microsoft Power BI the leading business data analytics and visualization, with that you can unify data from many sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results and empower every of your employee with important data.

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides advanced order management capabilities that enable you to manage your orders and help alleviate manual processes for your sales journey.

Here are just a few of the several benefits:

  • Reduce human errors – As one of the top sources of fulfillment mistakes for warehouses, human errors can cause significant problems. Easily perform multichannel stock controland warehouse optimization by sending alerts on everything from stock levels to possible liquidation needs. This helps prevent shipping delays, marketplace fees, and dissatisfied customers.
  • Prevents stockouts by forecasting stock – If your business doesn’t have access to forecasting software and stock levels, you won’t be able to track when to stock your warehouse. This leads to two big problems: overstocking and stockouts—meaning you either have large quantities of unsold stock sitting in a warehouse or not enough stock to fulfill demands.
  • Ease of scale and multichannel opportunities – In becoming a multichannel operation, you’ll need to track orders as their fulfillment becomes complicated—customer traffic flows through multiple channels. You’ll need to follow orders through a range of marketplaces and websites. Business Central can centralize those orders, track its data, update stock, and order routing.
  • Best time to pay suppliers – Business Central can notify you of the best time to pay suppliers, so you can increase your discount catch, improve supplier relationships and avoid unnecessary penalties or interest rates
  • Prevent fraudulent payments to suppliers – With advanced analytics built into the supply chain and workflows, you can take steps to prevent unnecessary or fraudulent payments to suppliers.

Streamline your company’s sales orders

Business Central delivers advanced integrations and Business Intelligence, which provides insight into the SCM processes and thus strengthens your sales and inventory through the abbreviated Order-to-Cash (OtC) process.

Shorten the time from quote to cash, by managing the entire process within Outlook inbox. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, it’s easy to set up your customers or vendors and get to work.

Create a quote by pulling product details and quantities directly from a customer’s email, input key points into your quote template in Outlook, and email the final quote in minutes. The process is just as simple as when it’s time to create and send an invoice for payment.

  • Streamline quote to cash, all within Outlook in Microsoft 365. Outlook isn’t just for email and calendars anymore. Now you can go from quote to cash without switching applications.
  • Set up customers or vendors, create quotes, process orders, and submit invoices without leaving your inbox.
  • Easily export data into Excel to analyze and update, then write back into Business Central.
  • Create outgoing documents directly in Word using your business data.
  • Centralize your data from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions for accurate end-to-end visibility across your organization. All data stays up-to-date so you can spot trends, prevent issues, and deliver great customer experiences.

As part of the experience inside Microsoft Outlook, real-time customer and vendor history is immediately accessible from within contextual emails. Access to the most current information enables users to be more productive and make quicker decisions without accessing additional applications.

Dynamics 365 Business Central reduces the wasted time and friction that happens when you’re forced to toggle between multiple applications. Instead, users can take immediate action directly from a single screen, sharing information and insights that lead to better customer experiences.


Companies across different industries such as retail, manufacturing, distribution & wholesale, consumer goods, automotive, government, construction to healthcare are using Dynamics 365 Business Central to:

  • Improve end to end visibility of their supply chain
  • Consistently deliver products On-Time
  • Ensure Business continuity
  • Improve merchandise planning
  • Reduce the cost of demand fulfillment
  • Reduce costly downtime
  • Reduce store operations cost

Business Central helps you to plan and control your entire flow of materials and information, and to manage operational planning of your staff and all available resources.


As you grow, it’s easy to add applications and configure Dynamics 365 Business Central to fit business needs or industry demands.

AppSource helps business owners do more with solutions like Dynamics 365 Business Central by providing an ecosystem of apps to discover, trial, and deploy. We’re simplifying the process of expanding Dynamics 365 Business Central by providing relevant, line-of-business solutions that integrate within the entire Microsoft Intelligent Cloud. Microsoft AppSource, our online library of solutions, enables business users to easily find and evaluate the line of business SaaS apps, add-ins, and content packs from Microsoft and our partners—including those built on top of Dynamics 365, Office 365, and the Azure platform.

With integrated add-on applications and Microsoft Power Apps, it’s easy and cost-effective to extend Dynamics 365 Business Central to fit your industry or business needs. Quickly create apps that work on any device using a Microsoft Office-like experience, templates to get started quickly, and a visual designer to automate workflows. Users can leverage built-in connections, or ones built by your company, to connect PowerApps to cloud services such as:

  • Business applications like Office 365 and other Dynamics 365 applications
  • Data storage applications like Dropbox and OneDrive, and
  • On-premises systems including SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle databases, SAP, and more

Dynamics 365 Business Central Supply Chain Management Module Pricing

Business Central, licensed by assigned user, is available with Essentials or Premium levels of capabilities. You may license users either with an Essentials license or a Premium license, but not both. Business Central Supply Chain Management module is under Essentials license.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials

USD $70

Per user/month

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