Chapter 7

Dynamics 365 FAQs

In this chapter, we will answer some of the Dynamics 365 frequently asked questions to help you get answers on your own without the need of contacting Microsoft partners.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of business applications including both ERP and CRM applications as well as Artificial Intelligence apps.

The Dynamics 365 ERP applications include Business Central, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Commerce, Project Operations, and Human Resources.

And Dynamics 365 CRM Applications includes Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Field Service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also include Artificial Intelligence applications which include: Fraud Protection, Connected Store, Customer Insights, Customer Service Insights, Sales Insights, Finance Insights, and Virtual Agents.

Each app is designed to remove the barriers and eliminate silos within organizations by working together with existing systems—or the entire portfolio of Dynamics 365 apps—for outcomes you simply can’t get unless every part of the business is connected seamlessly.

Here you can see Microsoft Ecosystem.

Microsoft Ecosystem 2022

Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM applications are designed to digitally transform the entire organization and enable your core customers, employees, data, and business activities to connect together to achieve unifying the experience.

The applications are used across all core business activities including finance, supply chain, customer service, operations, marketing, and everything in between to fit common as well as specialized verticals needs.

At Microsoft, we know that data is at the heart of digital transformation and organizations know they need to innovate to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform products.

Therefore Dynamics 365 connects your data and applies intelligence to drive your digital transformation across the front and back-end of your business.

Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of business applications that includes ERP & CRM capabilities such as Business Central, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Sales, Marketing Customer Service, and others. Each of these applications has its own subscription pricing and to access the capabilities, a user needs to subscribe to the applications.

While Microsoft 365 is a portfolio of office and productivity applications offering access to applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive, and others based on the subscription. Usually, users subscribe to a Microsoft 365 package that enables access to different applications depending on the package.

However, because both Microsoft 365 applications and Dynamics 365 applications are built on Azure, they are seamlessly connected along with Microsoft Power Applications like Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Virtual Agents enabling businesses to streamline and reinvent business processes and build intelligent experiences.

In selected countries such as the US, you can get 30 days trial for selected Dynamics 365 online for free by registering to better understand how these applications work.

However, if you want to try Dynamics 365 in Malaysia for free, you must contact Microsoft or Microsoft partners to get guided access provided by their experts. To learn more, contact us.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 are easy to use applications as Microsoft is highly focused on intuitive design and ease of use of the Dynamics 365 applications. The Dynamics 365 applications follow the design of other Microsoft products in order to help users quickly familiarize themselves with the product. Therefore, if you have used any other Microsoft products, then you will not have a problem learning how to use Dynamics 365.

Also, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has large collections of YouTube videos, articles, guides, eBooks, and courses specifically designed to help users how to use their specific application and perform certain tasks.

On top of that, Microsoft partners are happy to train your employees to minimize adoption time and maximize productivity in the shortest time, getting your ROI from the apps much quicker.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications are designed as a cloud-based hosted on Azure, Microsoft web services platform. It combines capabilities of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Because Dynamics 365 applications are cloud-based as well Microsoft 365 and Power Platform applications, it enables Microsoft to seamlessly connect these applications and create unified experiences resulting in an increase in productivity, efficiencies, and reduction in manual work.

However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications can be still implemented on-premises or hybrid. To learn more, contact your local Microsoft Partner.

Dynamics 365 is not a part of the Microsoft Power Platform. However, both of these platforms and their solutions are built on Microsoft Azure and are seamlessly connected together extending the capabilities of both platforms to improve company productivity, efficiencies, and costs. They are complementary technologies that are intended to work together.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes several costs to account for:

  • Subscription cost: This depends on the number of users as well as, the type of users and the type of Dynamics 365 applications. The price per user starts as low as the US $50 to the highest price as the US $180 per user. This cost is paid yearly and is reoccurring.
  • Implementation cost: Usually this is charged per man-day or as a bundle. The man-day rate is depending on the Microsoft partner you select. Small projects can take somewhere between 2-6 months. However, many factors play a role here. This cost is one-time only per project.
  • Training cost: This cost also depends on the Microsoft partner or vendor you select. However, it is recommended to account for the cost of training as it can significantly improve adoption rate, productivity and speed up the ROI of your new system. This cost is only a one-time-off. However, we have seen companies that conduct regular training sessions perform better with their solution. Also, Microsoft is regularly releasing new updates continuously, thus, having proper training would help your employees to get familiar with those as well.
  • Support plan: This cost depends on your selected Microsoft vendor.
  • Service cost: Just like with your car, you need to service your solution. Especially if you have customized your solution or integrated 3rd party tools. Again, this cost depends on the vendor you have selected.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a proper figure as you can see, it has so many variables that need to be taken into account. However, now you have a better understanding of how Dynamics 365 pricing works, and you can request your selected vendors for their service pricing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications are user-friendly and easy to learn for many new users. Especially if you are already familiar with other Microsoft products like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. then you will have no problem adapting the new solution.

However, Microsoft also provides extensive learning materials for their users in form of:

  • How to Dynamics 365 YouTube Videos – Here you can see how to perform certain tasks, navigate in your solution, how to use the solution, and more. Microsoft adds new videos on regular basis and it is one of the go-to places to learn.
  • Microsoft Documentation – Microsoft also provides documentation for your application showing you new features coming up, how to use your solution as well as other tips, tricks, and tutorials for Dynamics 365 application.
  • Microsoft Learn – Microsoft also provides courses, learning paths by role, subject matter expert, and applications to learn how to use the solution that guides you from start to finish.
  • Q&A Community – With millions of users, Microsoft also provides a free community where you can ask questions and learn from others how to use your application.
  • Microsoft Events – Attend live events and watch past events delivered by the technical community and Microsoft experts.
  • Microsoft Shows – Discover thousands of hours of fun, authentic, and informative original programming by Microsoft technical experts.
  • Microsoft Training – Microsoft and Microsoft partners also provide training services and workshops to help you and your team use your application.

As you can see, Microsoft provides a lot of materials for you to learn how to use your solution to its fullest.

Microsoft is offering a 30-days free trial for selected countries like the USA on their main website where you can just signup. However, if you are located in a country where the free trial is not available, then you can contact a local Microsoft partner that you want to set up a free trial and you can discuss it with them.

Depending on the application you select and the module you want to set up. Dynamics 365 CRM application takes significantly less time to set up compare to Dynamics 365 ERP applications. However Initial setup can take somewhere between three to five hours.

However, the total implementation time is what takes most of the time:

Dynamics 365 Business Central can take somewhere between 8-30 weeks or 3-6 months. However, this highly depends on the case and you should take this with a pinch of salt. It depends on so many things like customization, features, integration, and modules you want to implement.

Other Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM applications can take 6-12 months and even longer.

For more information contact your local Microsoft partner and share your plans and needs, and they will give you a high-level overview based on your case and needs.

Finding the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner is critical for project implementation success. We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to select an ERP vendor with a downloadable spreadsheet that you can use during the evaluation process.

Yes, you can buy Microsoft Dynamics 365 directly from Microsoft itself. However, for implementation, they will most likely refer you to one of their local Microsoft partners. Therefore, it is recommended to do your own research and select your Microsoft Partner and buy it via your preferred Microsoft partner.

The price of the application will not change for you, only the services cost vary on a partner basis and their pricing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is offering some of the latest technologies in ERP, CRM, AI, Automation, and productivity space and provides applications that are natively integrated and built on the same platform enabling businesses to truly digitalize their operations across all departments.

Microsoft is the only company with a full technology stack to support both adoption and capability-building, offering unparalleled integration and extensibility.

Microsoft service products are all built on top of the Power Platform, allowing you to easily connect and automate applications across your existing solutions, and get insights on what’s happening on the ground.

They tap into AI and machine learning capabilities to make predictions based on all your data signals – from your customers, your suppliers, your employees – captured and powered by the security of Azure.

Microsoft’s comprehensive platform and solutions allow you to improve financial dexterity, operational proficiency, and project-centric services success so you can unlock the insights needed to adapt faster, work smarter, and perform better.

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