Whitepaper: Creating Highly Engaged and Satisfied Clients

How to make self-service an effective part of a service resolution timeline, from preventive to automated, while ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Customer engagement is at the top of mind for customer service executives.

And rightfully so.

In thinkJar’s yearly survey that asked what are the top three initiatives for the next five years, customer service managers placed customer engagement in second place for the next two years and at the top for the following three.

In addition, over 40 percent of organizations have customer engagement initiatives in place.1 Those with initiatives report having an average 23 percent premium in key metrics2 (revenue, cost, profitability, etc.) over companies that don’t have a customer engagement initiative in place.

That suggests you could be making almost one quarter more money by implementing a customer engagement initiative. In addition, there is sufficient research demonstrating the need to deliver to customer expectations in the Age of the Customer3.

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