Ebook: Microsoft Digital Transformation Operations

The Microsoft Digital Transformation series is a collection of five eBooks outlining the business opportunity to build or accelerate your digital transformation practice.

Optimizing operations in your business can accelerate your responsiveness, improve service levels, and reduce costs with intelligent processes.

Your operations define your business agility, which is a key attribute of the transformed partner. By leveraging technology, you can implement processes that increase efficiency, mitigate risks, and reduce costs, and build automation for adaptation, growth, and governance. For those that do not include automation in their business, there are hidden costs incurred due to unnecessary rework or process inefficiencies.

Transformed businesses drive scale and customer reach through people and cost improvements, and to more effectively address the digital transformation needs of customers. Documenting internal processes, measuring key performance indicators, and incorporating automation enables you to plan, learn from, and make informed decisions.

This iterative process of evolving and streamlining processes is central to maintaining a profitable digital business and leading customers to transform.

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