Ebook: Digital Transformation – AI Maturity and Organizations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a critical component to help organizations digitally transform. Organizations need to be ready to develop, deploy, and adopt AI-based systems.

This readiness includes an ability to own and operate AI as well as be aware of the characteristics of AI-based systems and technologies. AI-based systems are probabilistic in nature. This is the opposite of many existing technical solutions in which “business logic” is based on predetermined, articulated rules that are compiled into an application. Probabilistic systems operate in the realm of probabilities, which, by nature, requires organizations to understand concepts such as data science-driven experimentation and ownership process changes.

Organizations must have established maturity—which encompasses strategy, culture, organizational structure, and core capabilities—to responsibly own an AI-based system. There are several types of AI that can match an organization’s current maturity. The following sections will describe what AI is and how it helps organizations achieve digital transformation. Additionally, we will describe the maturity levels, including how to own and operate AI at any level of maturity and how to increase your organization’s AI maturity.

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