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Microsoft & Agile Dynamics Solutions are focused on the following solution areas.

Knowing your customer

The beginning, middle and end is with your customer. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have sales. So how do we enable that? How do we help you? So for the modern retail environment you must be customer obsessed. Customers expect personalized experiences, being recognized and rewarded for loyalty, and a seamless cross channels curate shopping experience. For retailers to meet this expectation, you NEED to KNOW your customer.

Empowering employees

Employees are one of any retailer’s most valuable brand ambassadors but oftentimes are the last to be reached by technology. The result is too often a customer experience that feels impersonal and disconnected from what they would experience when shopping via other channels (online, etc.). In today’s era of rising customer expectations, retailers who don’t properly equip their employees with technology that allows them to focus less on low-value, backroom tasks like schedule management and more on customer experience will end up underdelivering on expectations, which in turn negatively impacts customer loyalty. 85% of retail workforce is distributed in the store. And these first line workers can make or break the customer experience. So how do we enable those employees with the right tools to deliver a great customer experiences?

Intelligent supply chain

The clock speed of retail is getting faster and faster. The break between demand is created vs where demand is fulfilled has met in this industry. And still people have a very difficult time getting visibility to this inventory. But the power of putting data in the right places to deliver an intelligent supply chain means we can get closer and closer to that customer and that’s what creates great experiences. An astonishing 99% of U.S. consumers say ‘fast delivery’ is important to them when making online purchases. 74% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase again from a company after receiving same-day delivery. This kind of near-instant gratification extends to physical retail environments a well – if a product isn’t on the shelf at the time a customer needs it, it’s become too easy to order from another retailer via their mobile phone on the spot. In fact, the odds of a shopper delaying a purchase if a product is out of stock is 15%. Rather, they’ll move on to a different retailer. It’s impossible for retailers to deliver on the right product, right place, right time imperative if they don’t have a 360-degree view of their customer, their product development, inventory and supply chain. But thanks to new intelligent processes, this 360-degree view is easier than ever to achieve meaning you can increase efficiency and agility in your supply chain.

Reimagine retail

And then when you know your customers, when you empower your employees, when you can deliver an intelligent supply chain you can start to reimagine retail. I am sure none of us think that the job you are doing today in retail is going to be the same 4 or 5 years from now. This industry is under massive transformation and we are working hand in hand with big corporations, such as Natuzzi to completely reimaging parts of their business to unlock future growth through new innovation and technology. While there’s no crystal ball to gaze into to predict what customers will demand next, there is work that retailers can do today to equip their business with technology that will allow them to anticipate and adapt to future market shifts and disruptions. The most successful retailers are the ones who are embracing tech intensity today to plan for their future. Tech intensity requires organizations to stop not at just adopting the latest technology – AI, IoT, etc. – to support their business model transformation, but to go a step further to build their own digital capabilities on top of that technology. Its these digital capabilities that will build the foundation to enable them to keep up with the ever-changing demands of customers.

But what underpins and is common across all of these scenarios is a seamlessly connected & curated experience. Let’s take a closer look at this.

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