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How to Evaluate ERP System for Your Small and Medium Business: Step-by-step Guide for Malaysia

From reactive to proactive: what this mindset means for your accounting and operations. As your company grows, basic accounting software can start to hamper your productivity—those familiar tools ultimately limit your ability to realize your potential. Ignoring change is a natural reaction. Change is uncomfortable and foreign. Those oddities make us nervous, so we step […]

Top 6 Reasons Why ERP System is Important in 2021

As digital transformation is becoming more important and technologies are evolving, ERP systems are becoming vital to run modern and efficient operations and save costs for businesses around the world. Read on why ERP system is important in 2021 and beyond and reasons why your Malaysia based organization should start using modern ERP system. According […]

5 Reasons Your Malaysian Organization Should Move to the Cloud

What you should know about moving your Malaysian organization to the cloud and the benefits of making the switch. Read on to learn about the security advantages and migration techniques of cloud-based tools. You may have heard a lot about the benefits of the cloud, but do you know why—or how—it can help drive greater […]


What is ERP System and Why You Need It?

Are you learning about the ERP system? Our ERP guide will teach you what is ERP system and why you need it. Also, you learn how ERP system works, why businesses are implementing ERP systems, and more. Keep reading. ERP systems are one of those pivotal, game-changing facets of running a digital business that nearly […]

Dynamics 365 Benefits: 17 Advantages of Having ERP & CRM Systems in Malaysia and Singapore from Microsoft

Let’s have a closer look at Dynamics 365 Benefits that your business in Malaysia or/and Singapore can benefit from and how other businesses have transformed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM systems to become more competitive, efficient, and reduce costs. With Dynamics 365, you can connect your people and processes together to increase your […]

5 Powerful Ways How Cloud ERP Connects Business Operations

Learn how Cloud ERP connects operations in Malaysia and deliver businesses Cloud ERP software which connects operations seamlessly without silos. Connecting your operations is essential to high productivity and efficiency of your operations. Therefore, many organizations spend a tremendous amount of money on integrated tools. That is why tools like Cloud ERP are essential for […]

5 Most Important Cloud ERP System Benefits for Malaysian SME’S

Year by year Cloud ERP System benefits are more significant and Cloud ERP Softwares are getting better in improving business productivity, efficiency, and decrease cost and many Malaysian businesses have found out that. Thanks to modern ERP systems we can have our data store in one place. Therefore, benefits like fast reporting, a total overview […]

How Cloud ERP Software Helps with Growing Your Business?

In the fast pace world businesses need to take every opportunity to stay competitive and keep growing while reducing costs. Therefore Cloud ERP software has become essential for a modern organization to stay competitive in this changing world. Download Now: A new approach to evaluating ERP [Free ebook from Microsoft] New technologies, regulations and laws […]