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What is the Difference Between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations? (Which one is Better for Malaysia & Singapore?)

In this article, we will look at the difference between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and compare the two most used Dynamics 365 ERP Systems for Malaysia and Singapore and what differentiates them from each other in terms of benefits, core capabilities and pricing of each ERP system. We will […]

Cloud ERP Statistics in 2020

Are you curious about the state of Cloud ERP in 2020? Then look no further. We’ve curated, vetted, and categorized a list of up-to-date stats below. Click to jump to a category, or keep reading for our top Cloud ERP statistics. Need help? Get help from Dynamics 365 Experts to help you choose the right Cloud ERP […]


Turn relationships into revenue [Infographic]

Selling requires more than just pitching to your potential customers about your products or services the whole day. Your sales team needs to level up its game as did your prospects. Today’s prospects are more educated than ever before due to the vast information accessible on the internet. 60% of the buyer journey is completed […]

5 Cloud ERP Mistakes Businesses Usually Makes

Choosing the right cloud ERP software for your business is one of the most important business decisions you can make and businesses can make many mistakes. Therefore, having the right strategies is essential to help you go through it and avoid the common mistakes business usually makes when choosing Cloud ERP. The right Cloud ERP […]

3 Top Trends that Malaysian Manufacturers Should Be Aware in 2020 & 2021

Since the start of the First Industrial Revolution, manufacturing has been the force pushing industrial and societal transformation forwards. Today, we’re in the midst of another industrial revolution, as a new generation of sophisticated technologies is transforming manufacturing into a highly connected, intelligent and, ultimately, more productive industry. The manpowered shop floor of the past […]